5 Rules to Follow when Cleaning Your Pool


If you want to keep your pool’s water sparkling clean, there are a few essential rules that you must follow. Keeping your pool always clean shouldn’t be a difficult task, as you might already think. After all, the secret to having a sparkling clean pool is little maintenance work done on a regular basis. Here are some 5 rules and tips that you must follow to keep your pool clean at all times.

Skim the pool’s surface

Skimming the pool’s surface by hand every day is a fast way to get rid of debris and keep your pool very clean. However, although in the beginning debris will float to the surface on the pool but it will eventually sink, making it hard to remove. In this case, you can use a handled net or a leaf skimmer to remove leaves and other small debris.

Vacuum the pool with a robotic pool cleaner

In order to reduce the amounts of chemicals in the water, you must vacuum the pool every week and the fastest way to do this is by using a robotic pool cleaner. Automatic pool cleaners are more expensive than manual pool cleaners, but they are a lifetime investment and time-savers. When you buy such a device, make sure that it is suitable for your pool. For example, if you have a vinyl pool, look for reviews of the best robotic pool cleaner for vinyl pools.
Most robotic pool cleaner models include brushes to clean the walls, floors and corners of the pool and they also feature a navigation system to ensure that the entire surface of the pool is cleaned. The best robotic pool cleaner for vinyl pools should have wheels with special traction which allows them to climb the vinyl walls. If you don’t have one yet or you want to find out how good yours is compared to other models, take a peek at Roboticpoolcleaner.best and check out the most popular models with the most useful features.

Clean the filter of the pool

There are different types of pool filters, such as diatomaceous earth, sand and cartridge and there are different maintenance procedures for each one. If you don’t know when to clean your filter, you can check the flow increase between the flow meter and the pressure gauge. When the difference reaches 10 to 15 pounds per square inch, you can start cleaning the filter.

Maintaining the water level

Whenever you are planning to clean your filter, either by using a manual cleaner or an automatic pool cleaner, make sure to check the water level. Use a garden hose to fill the pool if the water falls below the level of the skimmer, otherwise, the pump might not function properly. As a general rule, it’s important to not let the pool empty for too long because it will be harder to clean and maintain.

Use chlorine or bromine to sanitize the pool

As you probably already know, the pool water contains large amounts of bacteria, so it’s essential to use several products, such as chlorine to keep your pool clean. You can either use chlorinated tables, skimmer sticks of multi-functional chlorinating granules. If you want to use a safe alternative, you can opt for bromine tablets to kill bacteria. Consider installing an automatic brominator to keep your pool clear and clean.

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