Awesome Facts You Didn't Know About Coffee


Most people can’t imagine starting their day without having a cup of hot coffee first to get that much needed boost of energy that helps keep them on their feet, but the fact is that there is more to coffee than we know, and this energy filled drink has some awesome secrets that you can find out if you read the following lines.

Coffee helps you burn fat

People who want to lose weight succumb to all kind of crazy pills and harsh diets, without even suspecting that a simple cup of coffee is way more efficient in a weight loss program than any other supplement and drink.
After drinking a single cup of coffee you increase your body’s metabolism between 3% and 11%, meaning that you will burn fat a lot faster if you simply enjoy a tasty cup of coffee. Also, if you drink it prior to working out, you further increase the weight loss process in a safe and natural way, therefore press the button on the coffee maker and reach your desired weight without any actual effort.

Drinking coffee improves your workout performance

No matter if you workout because you want to stay in shape and stay healthy, or you’re doing it to lose excess weight, if you want to improve your results while working out you should use the coffee maker to drink the delicious coffee it provides you with. Consider the delonghi ec702 that is so easy to use and prepares such a good coffee that you will love having a cup of coffee before heading to the gym. Delonghi ec702 uses the precise water pressure and temperature to release the right amount of caffeine that is able to improve your workout performance by increasing your levels of adrenaline and releasing the fatty acids from the fat tissues, this ultimately leading to a better physical performance.

Coffee is the second most popular beverage on Earth

If we would exclude water from the list of the most popular beverages on Earth, coffee would be the worldwide leader, but it’s logical that it comes in second after water. This amazing beverage is widely consumed all over the globe, people of all nationalities and cultures enjoying its rich taste, soothing smell, and the health benefits that drinking the daily cup of coffee brings.
A small fun fact for you to know is that coffee is so loved in New York that it’s actually consumed seven times more here every day than in any other part of the world, and all due to its “magical” property of giving an energy boost after drinking it.

Drinking coffee will help you live longer and healthier

If you lead an overall healthy life, not smoking and drinking alcohol heavily, drinking a cup of coffee everyday will boost your health considerably, reducing the risk of death with 12-13 years. This is all due to the fact that coffee is a rich drink in antioxidants that help the body fight free radicals, resulting in lower risks of type II diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and heart disease, but as mentioned before only if the person who consumes the coffee isn’t a smoker and doesn’t drink alcohol heavily.

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