Best Electric Knife Sharpener Brands


When you go shopping for a certain product, the first ones that you check out are the ones manufactured by the leading brands in the domain, because you are ensured that anything you buy from them will be of a great quality. All the top brands of knife sharpeners can be found at to make it easier for you to have all your best options in one place. The following three brands are the top picks when it comes to ease of use, stylish design, accuracy, and care for your demanding knives, so you can trust them.

Chef’s Choice

EdgeCraft have been around since 1985, raising the bar when it comes to high quality knife sharpeners, and with their iconic brand Chef’s Choice they managed to be a real success among consumers, being one of the most loved brands.
A perfect example of the quality that the Chef’s Choice brand gives to their costumers is the Diamond Hone FlexHone/Strop Professional Sharpener Model 320, and you can have this amazing product for only $200. This quality knife sharpener from Chef’s Choice will effectively take care of those dull straight edge and serrated knives, it’s safe to use even for quality knives, it comes with a 3 year warranty, it has a 100% diamond honing, it’s a 2-stage sharpener that comes with precision angle control, and it has highly durable edges.

Kitchen IQ

Another innovative electric knife sharpener brand that you can buy from without worrying about the quality of the products that they manufacture is Kitchen IQ. They focus on having not only highly efficient products, but they focus on gorgeous designs as well, therefore any model you buy from Kitchen IQ will give your kitchen a boost when it comes to its appearance.
One of the best products, and one that we strongly advise you to try if you are looking for their best electric knife sharpener to this day is the 50141 Ceramic Edge Electric Knife Sharpener which you can own for the price of $150. This model is highly efficient due to its interlocking ceramic wheels that are able to simultaneously sharpen both sides of the blade, it features the triangular shaped ceramic stones for the perfect final edge honing, you can use the carbide blades to set the initial edge, and you can easily sharpen your serrated knives with it due to the manual slot that the unit features.


Presto, or better said National Presto Industries have been around since 1905 when they were founded in Wisconsin, and since then they have provided consumers worldwide with quality small kitchen appliances.
When it comes to the electric knife sharpeners that they have produced over time, they have all been of an outstanding quality, and a model that we recommend for you to try if you want to buy from them is the 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener that you can have for the price of $40.
It uses a 2-stage sharpening system to provide you with the best results possible in a small amount of time, you don’t have to worry about positioning the knife at the wrong angle with this model because it uses precision blade guides to position it perfectly, and it’s able to create a razor sharp edge in only a few seconds due to its Sapphirite sharpening wheels.

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