Key Benefits of Natural Latex Mattresses


If the memory foam mattress was the most popular mattress in the last few years, the latex mattress is quickly gaining terrain, and by the looks of it, next year it will be in the top of the best mattress 2016 products. You probably have heard about natural latex mattresses but perhaps you have never had one and you are not familiar with its particularities. If so, you should read our article and discover which are the key benefits that make natural latex mattresses the best choices for a good night sleep.

A better breathing

Natural latex is healthier for your breathing system because it hasn’t been treated with chemical substances during the manufacturing process. Unlike the synthetic latex that runs through several chemical baths while the mattress is being made, natural latex is free of toxic substances that are a threat to the health of your breathing system. This is why it’s recommended to avoid synthetic latex mattresses and opt for natural latex versions although they cost more.

No allergens and mold spores

Although it’s not treated with chemicals, the natural latex mattress is resistant to mold, dust mites, and bacteria. This is what makes them so beneficial to your health and why people choose them over the other versions that require chemical treating in order to keep mold and allergens away. Considering ow much time you spend on your mattress and all the allergens and mites that gather inside the layers of other models, you will want to eliminate that health risk.

Better air circulation and temperature regulation

The millions of microscopic cells inside the latex mattresses ensure a perfect air circulation through every layer. This also helps reduce the risk of bacteria gathering inside the mattress, which is commonly seen in mattresses that don’t allow the air to circulate inside their layers. Most natural latex mattresses have ventilation holes on the top, bottom, and sides so the air will flow smoothly and will eliminate the dust mites and allergens that might get inside the fabrics. Moreover, the latex mattress will not get hot while you sleep so you will feel comfortable even in the hottest summer nights.

The most comfortable sleeping

The quality of your sleep on a latex mattress is significantly higher than the quality you would experience on a mattress made from another material. The secret is in the soft texture that provides a naturally comfortable feeling throughout the night. Natural latex does not transmit movement as easily as other materials, which means that if you sleep with a partner that moves a lot during the night, you won’t feel their movements. The even distribution of weight makes the natural latex mattresses the perfect aid in treating various health conditions that cause pain. Most therapists advise patients to sleep on latex mattresses that offer the best body support and promote the right body posture throughout the night.

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