Practical Guide for Using a Gas Grill


While for decades many people have preferred using the traditional charcoal grill to get the authentic grill flavor of foods, nowadays, experiences chefs and cooking enthusiasts prefer using a gas grill because it gives them the freedom to cook a variety of food in a short amount of time, without having to do a lot of cleaning and maintenance work. Those of you who are interested in buying a gas grill, should peruse the to see which is the best rated grill of the moment. When it comes to using the gas grill, there are a couple of things that you should pay attention at. Below, you can find a practical guide for using a gas grill.

Get your grill ready

The first step that you need to take when using a grill is to prepare it and make sure that the grill is set on an even surface, to prevent accidents. Make sure that it is set 10 to 15 feet away from any structure or dwelling. Read the user manual and try to arrange the lava rocks in the bottom of the grill as seen in the images or according to the grill manufacture’s instructions. Then you will need to place the cooking grill over the rocks and then you can move to the next step.

Attach the propane tank

Before attaching the propane tank, you need to make sure that the gas line doesn’t show any signs of cracks or wear. If it does take some time to repair your gas grill and use it only you can’t see any cracks. Moreover, you need to check if the control valve is closed or open, then you can proceed to placing the tank on the tank platform with the valve opening facing the grill connection. The screw type valve connection is the most common because it has a simple process. Simply attach the line to the valve with a screw nut and you’re done placing the tank.

Check the connection of the valve

To check the connection you can use a store-bought soap solution or make a soap solution of regular dish soap and water. Then, you must apply the solution to the connection of the valve and open the control panel to check if it forms bubbles. Do not use your gas grill if the soap solution makes bubbles and close the valve if this happens. If you can’t spot any bubbles, it means that there’s no gas leak and that you can safely use your gas grill.

Turn on your gas grill

The last step is very easy, as you only need to light your grill and then start grilling the food. However, you must check a couple of things. For starters, make sure that the propane control valve is open, after which you can open the grill lid. Press the lighter switch after turning the gas flow control on the grill on to full. Some grills are not equipped with a lighter switch but you can buy a manual grill lighter from a store or online. After the gas ignites you can now use your grill. Once you have finished grilling the food, turn the propane control knob off as well as the gas flow control.

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