Proven Ways to Get Rid of Mold


Getting rid of mold at home can be a harder chore than you thought if you are not using the right weapons. Although there are many ways to fight mold and mildew, not every one of them really works, so you have to rely on proven ways that really show results. We have tested the most popular ways and we offer you the ones that really worked in getting rid of mold.

Ensure heat and ventilation

A proper ventilation along with sunlight are very useful in removing the nasty mold that can appear in areas with poor ventilation and away from heat. If you notice mold in any room of your house, leave the doors and windows open so air and sun warmth will reach the moldy area and will dry it. Moldy objects can be left to dry in sun heat then you can either vacuum or brush them to remove the dried mold.

Use a top rated 2016 dehumidifier

A high level of air humidity is the first cause of mold and should be the first thing you solve when trying to get rid of mold. It’s a known fact that humid air is the perfect environment for mold spores to develop indoors and to take over walls, floors, wooden furniture, and even fabrics. In order to remove mold spores, you have to remove the cause, meaning you have to decrease the air humidity level. The most efficient way to do so is to use a top rated 2016 dehumidifier, a device that will absorb the air moisture until it reaches a normal level that doesn’t promote the development of mold. There are many dehumidifiers to choose from, but they don’t all do a good job so make sure to do some research in order to see which is the best one. It has been proven that rooms with a normal level of air humidity are less prone to developing mold spores that cause the unpleasant mold.

Apply bleach

Although you might have solved the moist air issue, the mold that has already gotten into your house will have to be handled separately. Applying bleach on the affected area is a proven way to get rid of mold because bleach has a strong disinfecting effect that penetrates the area in depth and removes mold spores. It’s best that you spray the bleach on the surface and let it work without rubbing with a cloth so you won’t spread the mold spores to a wider area and into the air.

Spray vinegar and baking soda

A mixture of vinegar and baking soda will also turn out to be helpful in getting rid of mold as vinegar is a powerful acid which, combined with the power of the baking soda, can attack and eliminate mold spores. Carefully mix these two with water, as they will create a chemical reaction, and spray the mixture over the moldy area. Leave it to dry and you will notice how mold spores will go away.

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