Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Dishwasher


If you are planning to buy a dishwasher, but you are not sure what to get and what model can actually suit your needs, you need to ask yourself some essential questions. These questions can help you choose the best dishwasher, one that will deliver great results with every use. Here’s what you need to ask yourself before shopping for a dishwasher.

Is the dishwasher energy efficient?

This is undoubtedly the most important feature of a dishwasher that everyone should take into consideration. Even the best dishwasher with the most innovative features can turn out to be a huge waste of money if it consumes a lot of energy. An energy efficient dishwasher can perform as well as traditional model, while helping you lower your monthly utility bills. Consider investing in a dishwasher model that is Energy Star certified, because this means that the appliance uses a smaller amount of water and electricity to clean and dry your dishes. As a matter of fact, Energy star appliances have 20% lower energy costs per year than regular appliances.

How many wash cycles are included?

Most dishwasher that you find on the today’s market come with a variety of wash cycles. While some wash cycles can take up to 2 hours to clean your dishes, there are some fast cycles that take only 20 minutes.

What size of dishwasher do I need?

If you choose a large dishwasher machine that you plan on using very often, at least make sure to use it at full capacity and wash all of dishes at once. However, a large machine that is used less frequently can be more economically because it uses less water and electricity to clean a load of dishes. If space is an issue in your kitchen, you might want to get a small dishwasher to make sure that it will fit perfectly in the room.

Is the dishwasher noisy?

Some dishwasher are noisier than others, and this may soon become a big downside if your kitchen is near the living room or bedroom because it can disrupt your rest of sleep. Before shopping for a particular model, make sure that it has a form of insulation to reduce the noise or if the dishwasher has a low noise output.

Does the dishwasher dry the dishes well?

Whether you are planning to get a versatile dishwasher machine that comes with innovative features or a traditional model that uses basic features, what you need to pay attention at is whether the machine can dry the dishes very well. Some dishwashers use a heater to dry the dishes, and this may take from 10 minutes to an hour or more, while other dishwasher models use a “hot” rinse that evaporates water from the dishes in a short amount of time.

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