The floating speaker – a product that combines elegance and science


Magnetic levitation is a technology that has been around for some time now. But while it was initially used for mass products and industrial purposes, it has been recently speculated by companies that manufacture speakers. As a result, floating speakers appeared and they conquered the market with their neat design, futuristic looks and great performance. Their popularity did not come over night, but it seems that at the moment they are one of the most wanted gadgets. The good news is that if you are interested in purchasing one, you have plenty of options to choose from. The bad news, however, is that you may be overwhelmed by the multitude of possibilities. For this reason, you are advised to use a dedicated web site, such as, in order to learn more about these products’ features and capabilities. Start by reading this article to see how floating speakers reached their current form.

The evolution of floating speakers

The first step towards creating a beautiful, user friendly and performing device was made when someone decided to transform speakers into a portable device. This means they became more light weight and had smaller dimensions. After this, manufacturers went on removing all the wires, so the gadget worked mainly with rechargeable batteries. It seemed that there is nothing more to do, but they actually found a way of improving and innovating based on the existing products. As a consequence, they created the levitating speaker. Made of two parts which consist in an integrated magnet, the first such gadget was not even functional. An upgraded version appeared, but it did not feature a subwoofer. However, this did not represent a problem as it was perfectly functional, futuristic and more than anything, new. Currently, there are plenty of such products available on the market and they come in various forms, shapes and designs.

What to search of when buying a floating speaker

Of course, everybody will tell you to put performance above design. Most levitating speakers look actually spectacular, but do not let yourself distracted by that. Of course a neat style will make the item even more impressive, but after all you need to focus more on its technical features. In case the word performance sounds too vague for you, here are some indicators that will help you clear things out. For example, battery life is quite relevant. What you should do is search for a device that has a strong battery – the most performing ones reach up to twelve hours. This way you will not have to worry about keeping the charger with you at any time. Another important feature you have to keep in mind is sound quality. It is said that since no part of the object is blocked, floating speakers offer better results than traditional ones. However, try not to buy a speaker without having the chance to test it first. We promise you will not be disappointed by this futuristic and efficient gadget.

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