10 insider tips to draw more people to your restaurant

You have just opened your restaurant and all the visits from friends and family members, who came out of curiosity and to support you, have come to an end. Now you need to get real customers that will make your business grow and bring you profit. After all, that is why you have opened the restaurant in the first place. Here are the tips that will make customers call in advance for a reservation and ensure that your restaurant is crowded all the time.

1.      Hire a promoter

First, you need to make sure that your restaurant is noticed by the people walking down the street. Besides the delicious smell coming from inside, getting their attention is the fastest way to get some customers inside. Hire someone as a promoter to stay in front of your restaurant and invite people inside and tell them about the special food and prices that you have.

2.      Special menus

Did you ever go to a restaurant and had no idea what to order? Customers that like routine will always come back and order the same thing all the time. Help the undecided customers with special menus that are already settled. Additionally, you can have menus that change daily at a special price for people that have a short lunch break at work in the proximity of your restaurant.

3.      Special offers

Giving the client the impression that he or she is valued and rewarded is how you keep them coming. Having special offers will make them understand that you want the best for them. For example, you can offer free drinks for an order that is worth a specific amount of money, or you can offer free desert for loyal customers. Write all these special offers on chalkboard signs and place them in front of the restaurant for everyone that passes by to see.

4.      Specific events

In order to keep the interest of your clients and draw others as well you can organise specific events with foods and drinks related to the theme. For example, you can organise Japanese night, serving only food and drinks specific to the Japanese cuisine.

5.      Social media

Social media is a great tool to market your restaurant and make it extremely famous. Write articles and post information about the future events and special offers.

6.      Tasty food

Hire skilled chefs that can cook delicious food and have a creative way of placing it on the plate. This will make people fall in love with your restaurant.

7.      Nice employees

No one wants to go for dinner and be treated with a bitter attitude. Hire employees that are respectful, welcome the clients with a big smile on their face and do their job well without messing up the orders or spilling drinks on the floor.

8.      Nice atmosphere

The atmosphere in your restaurant is really important to make your clients spend more time there and come back all the time. Keep the place clean, place candles on the tables, have good quality music playing in the background and a pleasant fresh smell all the time.

9.      Pet-friendly place

Many people wish to go out for dinner but have a hard time finding someone to take care of their pets while they are out. Create a separate room that accepts clients with pets as well.

10.  Ask for feedback

This is the best way to improve your restaurant and the services that you offer. Ask for feedback from your clients and take their opinions into consideration in order to keep them satisfied and coming back again.


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