3 Reasons to Start Using Pure-Clay Cookware:

Clay cookware or earthenware, as it is also sometimes called, has very little popularity in North America compared to countries like China, Philippines or Morocco where clay pot cooking is the order of business for every day. This has nothing to do with the benefits and potential of these pots, but rather with them not yet being properly promoted through the Northern continent. However, more and more home cooks and especially mothers concerned with the health attributes of the food they put on the table, or anything that might affect that, have discovered the unique benefits of cooking in clay.

1. It’s Healthy

As mentioned above, people who have discovered clay cookware so far have done it as an alternative to metal pots and utensils, due to the increasing concern that the latter give off toxins when heated and cooked in. Therefore, the pots and pans that are made from 100% pure clay are an All-Natural & safe environment for food and cooking, resulting in the healthiest dishes you could ever offer your kids and family. In a market where everything that is labeled as healthy comes with question marks, there’s much to be said about cookware that guarantees you a healthy meal. This is because these pots manage steam levels very well, and also with pots made from pure & primary clay, the heat from the walls of the pots cooks your food without damaging the nutritive cells, which means all nutrients and vitamins of the food are retained.

2. It’s Delicious

Cooking in pure clay pots also ensures greater taste and flavor in the food.  Because these pots without damaging the delicate nutritional cells, and since steam is also so well retained inside, the food turns out far more delicious.  Meats cooks to much more tender and juicy consistency, vegetables don’t get soggy and lifeless, they retain their full color & flavor, grains turn out much softer and fluffier, lentils and beans retain their unique taste. Moreover, there is no need for tons of fat or liquid.

3. It’s versatile

Preparing meals in clay cookware may only take 5-10 minutes more than it would in a metal pot, but cooking this way ensures your food is not lacking in any of its nutritive value and also that it’s not contaminated with toxins, metals and chemicals from the pot. Pure clay pots can be used for both on stovetop and oven, which is a great advantage. Secondly, although clay pots and pans are ideal for stews and casseroles, there are so many dishes that you can use them for, such as rice dishes, braise meats, breads and even make excellent homemade yogurt.

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