3 strategies that will improve your business’s supply chain

Nowadays, every business should manage its supply chain cost-effectively and efficiently to be able to deliver its products to meet customer expectations. Whether it’s about local or international suppliers, your goal should be to ensure high product and service quality at a reasonable profit margin. New strategies can help your business grow because you’ll better understand where your company is moving. Collecting and analyzing data can help create a future plan for better supply chain management. Therefore, here are three strategies that will help you manage your supply chain.


Improve distribution network

To set up a distribution network, you will meet dealers and distributors to sign up deals with them. So, you should keep up with new channel dealers to see what areas need improvement and which ones you might have to abandon. In that case, you’d need to open a new area to enhance your existing distribution network further. Vendor management will help you know if you are operating with the correct supplier so that you’ll have full control of your distribution network.

You can grow your distribution network in two ways:

  • Through grouping charts and graphs, to observe the processes for any of your company’s systems (also called the cluster approach)
  • Through reviewing the essential components of your distribution network to understand how you can improve them (holistic approach)


Embrace technology

Automated processes, GPS tracking and communication software are the most used technologies in the shipping industry. Luckily, it doesn’t stop there, so other solutions are coming to ease your tasks. For example, kontering solutions help examine, evaluate and prioritize the opportunities and challenges in managing the supply chain. Given that it’s quite tricky to keep up with the logistics and manufacturing process, such technology is required to execute the supply chain planning.


You can include technology in other departments and try new software for CRM, email marketing and payroll. You’ll benefit from cost-effective solutions, and you can get better results for your company. Remember that even if your supply chain is the most important, you still have to consider building a website and having communication channels through which customers and suppliers can reach out to you.


Build healthy supplier relationships

Finally, it’s not enough to get more suppliers. You have to maintain good relationships with the current ones. Not only will you have a more stable supplier base, but you can also benefit from better deals. These relationships can affect your business, so it’s best to cultivate them continuously, even after you sign the contracts.

A poor working relationship between you and your supplier may result in unnecessary handling, too many stock locations, and inefficient distribution of your resources. Such an outcome won’t help you reduce supply chain costs, but you can use a kostnadskontroll to manage your finances.


Final thoughts

For your company to thrive, you have to improve your approach to your distribution network, technology solutions and relationships with your suppliers. Watch where you can make improvements, and you can get the best deals for your business.


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