5 exterior remodeling tips when buying an old house

Have you just bought an old property and thinking about renovating it? Don’t forget about remodeling the outdoor space as well. Here are five exterior remodeling tips when you buy an old house. 

When buying an old house, there’s a lot of work to be done when it comes to renovations and remodeling. Yet, most people often only focus on the interior of the property, forgetting that how the exterior looks also has a huge impact on the overall value of the house.

Whether you are planning to sell it or to move in there, remodeling the exterior of the property is definitely worth it. Plus, it is also not such a significant investment but can bring you some great benefits.

More precisely, if you’re planning to sell the property, you can increase the asking price because the exterior will look good. If you’re planning to live there, you’ll get the benefit of having a lovely outdoor space to spend time in.

1.      Paint the exterior of the house

One of the most inexpensive exterior home remodelings is painting the exterior wall. A fresh coat of paint will have a major impact on how the property looks.

If the property is old, it was likely not repainted for a long time. So, you should start by repainting the exterior walls to enhance the outdoor space’s overall look. If the property was also vandalized in the sense that it has graffiti drawings on the walls, as it usually happens with abandoned properties, don’t forget to use grafittifjerning before applying the fresh coat of paint.

2.      Grow the lawn

The lawn has a huge influence on how the outdoor space looks like. When there’s a healthy and grown lawn in the yard, everything looks fresher.

All you have to do is to first prepare the soil (remove debris, fertilize the soil) and seed the lawn. Next, make sure you water it daily until the grass starts to grow. Water the lawn frequently to keep it fresh and green.

3.      Build a retaining wall

Retaining walls have plenty of benefits. Not only are they a must if you live in hilly terrain as they provide fasadebeskyttelse, but they also make a fantastic landscaping element. A retaining wall can also be a great focal point in your backyard.

You can use stones or impregnering betong to build the retaining wall.

4.      Plant the right greens

Choosing the right plants will make a massive difference in how your outdoor space will look throughout the year. If you choose the right flowers and plants, your garden will look fresh and alive all year long.

To choose the right plants for your outdoor space, make sure you first test the soil in your garden. Next, consider the climate of the area you live in. It’s best to choose plants that prefer the type of soil you have in your garden and survive your area’s temperatures and climate.

Talk to a local landscaper for advice on growing native plants in your area.

5.      Build a patio

Sitting outdoor spaces are really cool. Not only that they add value to the property, but they are also really fun to have. You’ll get a comfy place to sit in your yard and connect with nature. Here, the choices are endless in the sense that you can personalize the patio however you want. You can add benches, pillows, or any type of exterior furniture.


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