A Guide to the Advantages of Wooden Window Shutters

Essentially, a shutter is a solid window cover, consisting of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails. Window shutters are constructed by joinery workshops for light control and controlling airflow. If you have been thinking about having window treatments installed, then you are probably curious to know what interior shutters are right for your home. Wooden shutters, or plantation shutters, make the best choice.  If you are going to invest time, money, and effort into improving your home’s interior, you might as well get these window coverings and enjoy the many advantages they offer. In this article, we will take a look at these advantages.

Excellent insulators

Wooden shutters are excellent insulators. Solid wood is used in the manufacturing of the window treatments, which does not allow heat or cold to pass through them The wooden shutters act as a barrier between the window and the room, keeping the cold air out during the cold months of the year. What about the warm air? It stays in the home, where it belongs. There are no gaps between the frame and the shutter, so the warm air does not escape. Thanks to wooden shutters, you pay less for heating and cooling bills. Wood ensures a high level of thermal resistance and taking into account living costs are at an all-time high, there is nothing more important than thermal performance. As a rule, the solid wooden shutters are installed on the recess of the windows. However, other alternative solutions can be found.

Longevity and durability

Not many window coverings have both durability and longevity, but solid wood shutters do. Let us stop for a moment to understand the two terms. Durability is the ability to withstand wear and damage. On the other hand, longevity refers to a significant period of time. Using these terms interchangeably should be done with caution because they do not mean the same thing. Wooden shutters are sturdy. They protect your home from the sun and the do not even dent or scratch. What is more, they last longer than any other window treatments. Not only will the plantation shutters not fade, but also they will increase the value of your home.

No compromise on privacy

What people want nowadays is privacy, especially at home. Nonetheless, staying away from prying eyes is not so easy when the room is visible from the street. Frosting your windows is one option, but it isn’t ideal and could look out of place. You’re sure to get function and style from solid wooden shutters, as they allow air and light into the room, but they do not compromise your privacy. If you are not comfortable with the thought of neighbours and passers-by peeping into your home, contact your preferred supplier right away and get your own wooden shutters. You will be able to see what is happening outside, yet others will not see inside your home. This is the beauty of window coverings. They allow you to live peacefully even if you are living on a busy street!

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