Accounting interview questions to ask every time

The process of hiring an accountant is more challenging than expected for young entrepreneurs. The candidate pool is massive, and you need to identify, interview, and hire a skilled professional who will most likely influence the success of your overall operations. When interviewing a candidate, you need to make sure they are a good fit for your company culture, have the skills required to help you manage the organization, and possess the technical knowledge to work with various tools.

Under the present circumstances, the hiring interview is crucial because it provides you with the answers you need to determine if the candidate has the abilities required to make an excellent addition to your business.

This article includes the most important interview questions every employer should know when hiring an accountant.


Have you ever dealt with an ethical issue at your former employer, and how did you handle it?

Most often, accountants experience ethical dilemmas when they work with different employers. It’s essential to find out how the professional who offers Regnskapsfører Oslo managed a challenging issue. The best answer will highlight their ability to do the right thing for your business, regardless of the scenario.

How do you handle failure?

You can ask the candidate to talk about a time when they failed, not only at their job but also in their life. Their answer will provide you a glimpse of their mind and help you understand how proactive they are in challenging situations. A candidate with experience in Regnskap Oslo will have plenty of examples to offer, and solutions they found for the given problem.

How do you stay current on the latest laws and regulations?

It’s crucial for the business’s success, the accountant to stay current with the latest policies, rules, and legislation. No candidate is 100% up to date with all of them, but the ideal one can share the methods they use to keep as current as possible with the most notable industry changes. Most experts in Regnskapsbyrå Oslo attend local conferences and seminars, are members in organizations that check the industries’ developments, and subscribe to industry publications.

What enterprise resource planning system do you work with?

The candidate should not offer a vague answer because they have experience working with a specific tool or have no idea what you’re talking about. They should tell you more than the name of the program; they should provide a list of features the system has, and what characteristics make it better.

If the candidate previously worked with a small company, they may describe a more customized system because often start-ups have specific needs, and they count on personalized orders to manage their operations.

Ask them how long they used the system and if they consider it suitable for your company. 

All interview questions should help you discover if the candidate has the knowledge and skills needed to complete the assigned tasks. Don’t be afraid to ask for more details because the more complete the picture about the candidate is, the better sense you’ll have if they’re an excellent addition to your team.


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