Apps and Gadgets for Tidying Your Home

Let’s admit it: at least once in your lifetime, you have dreamed about having some kind of gadget or advanced device that does all your household chores. Sometimes we are too busy or even tired to clean our homes or perhaps we just want to do absolutely nothing. Wake up from your dream! This is not possible unless you have an intelligent device with impressive features that can be controlled via an app. A great thing about the gadgets that help you keep your homes clean is that they don’t cost a fortune. Of course, there are plenty of expensive gadgets, but there are also plenty of useless devices. However, you can find impressive devices at very reasonable prices.
New year, new opportunities: there is a full list of apps and gadgets for tidying your home coming in 2018. From smart vacuum cleaners and window-washing robots to advanced air purifiers, every new gadget will make spring cleaning a breeze.

Call in the Robo-Vacuuming Crew

Let’s begin with the floors because you cannot enjoy your days off if your floors are full of dust and pet dander. The newest Neato Botvac Connected Wi-Fi is a great vacuum cleaner that comes at a very attractive price. It comes equipped with a plethora of impressive features, including combo side brushes, pinFlow PowerClean, extra-large dirt bin, and ultra performance filter. All these aspects should be taken into consideration by people with pets as well as by people suffering from asthma and allergies. The robot uses an Eco and a TURBO mode. The TURBO mode makes it more powerful, while the Eco mode is specially designed for energy savings. Also, thanks to is Precise LaserSmart Navigation, it is capable of scanning and automatically cleaning the floors.

There are many good things to say about this device, but what impressed us most was its app. You can use the Neato app to start and schedule the robot. It is very easy to use and install as well. Moreover, thanks to this app, the robot can send you notifications to keep you informed about its work. The unit doesn’t come with a remote control as others do, but you can use the app as a remote in order to control and monitor all its movements.

How to get your windows spotless?

Having trouble keeping your windows spotless? Then, a window-washing robot will be really an useful help. The most advanced models use a new cleaning technology to clean a whole window. While some of them are equipped with automatized controls, others, the most affordable ones come with manual controls, so no matter which one you will choose, as both types will do a great job washing and cleaning your windows. As compared to manual cleaning, these devices are much easier to use, more efficient and time savers as well. They are great and more convenient for high windows that are very difficult to clean.

Since they represent the future when it comes to household chores, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they can be controlled via apps through your smartphones. Thanks to a mobile app that can be used as a remote control, a window cleaner can help you clean hard to reach, high or large glass surfaces. Some devices lack certain features including the remote control. Because of this reason, it is recommended to control it via an app through your smartphone.

Keep an eye on the indoor environmental pollutants

You may not recognize the dangers posed by environmental pollutants that can compromise indoor air quality. Cleaning your home is very important but keeping the indoor air clean and fresh is as important as cleaning the floors and windows. So, if you hear this for the first time, pay attention and do exactly what you need to do in order to purify and maintain healthy air in your home. Invest in an indoor air purifier. Opt for the best one out there. Although it may be a bit pricey, it will contribute to health improvements. A quality model is equipped with HEPA filters. Best known for removing unwanted contaminants from indoor air, HEPA filter is able to capture 99.97% of dust and allergens as small as 0.3 microns in size. Some models can even be controlled using an app iPhone or an Apple Watch. This way they are easy to control and monitor. They send notifications about the air quality (indoor vs. outdoor).

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