Convincing your grandparents to accept home care

Hiring a nurse is often met with the resistance of your aging grandparents who don’t want to welcome a stranger into their house even if they’re no longer able to handle the house chores. If you’ve talked with them about hiring a caregiver you probably know why they refuse to have someone looking for them.


  • They say they don’t need them
  • They consider it an invasion of privacy
  • They think the nurse will threaten their independence
  • They find it uncomfortable to receive help
  • They think it’s dangerous to welcome a stranger into their home

If you get in touch with a former health nurse, you’ll find out that you’re not the only grandchild who struggles to convince their seniors to hire a home care specialist. Most nurses state that it’s a challenge to convince an elder to welcome a stranger to help them with their home chores, and assist them daily.

Here are some recommendations on how you can convince them to accept home care.


Aly with a supportive parent

Get in touch with your parents and other supportive relatives that can help you convince the elders they need help. Also you should try to determine if one of the grandparents is more self-sufficient than the other, and in this case you can suggest that their spouse would get better help if they’d work with a home care expert. By joining sides with another family member you can convince your grandparents to hire a bpa bærum.

Hire the caregiver to handles house chores

It’s challenging to convince your grandparents that they need the help of a bpa Oslo but if the expert would come to their house and handle part of the chores, they may understand how beneficial is to have someone around and they may no longer find it threatening to leave their independence in their hand. Emphasize that the care giver will only handle heavy housework chores like laundry, vacuuming, buying groceries, and caring for the garden to make their life easier and allow them to focus on their hobbies. In this way the grandparents may accept the helps even if they don’t find it agreeable at the beginning.

Use the old excuse “it’s not you, it’s me”

If your grandparents are living alone, redirect the attention on you and tell the caregiver that you want to hire a brukerstyrt personlig assistent for your peace of mind because you cannot visit them as often as you’d like. Emphasize that you’d be the one who benefits from more help because you cannot worry all day round about their welfare. Suggest that bringing in help can alleviate your worry about how they manage the household chores like laundry, meals, shopping, and cleaning. Or suggest them that if they have a nurse to handle some of the tasks, you’d have more time to spend with them and focus on other things.

And lastly, if they still don’t agree, suggest that maybe they can start with short-term care to determine how they feel about having someone to assist them around the house.


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