Correlation Between Proper Pool Maintenance and Reduced Water Consumption

As a conscientious pool owner, you are already aware of the fact that there are numerous maintenance tasks which require your attendance. However, did you know that these tedious chores actually affect water waste as well? There is a much stronger correlation between keeping the pool clean and water consumption than you could ever imagine, and in this article, we will provide you with an in-depth analysis of this “weird” relationship. From this point on, your sole reasoning to keeping the pool clean won’t be simply to protect yourself and loves ones from concocting illnesses as a result of swimming in dirty water, but trying to lower your water waste print and, implicitly, lower monthly costs.

#1 – Impact of covering the pool

A pool cover comes in handy as it presents a method of shielding the swimming environment against debris like leaves and dirt that might fall into it, it prevents evaporation so you do not have to refill the pool too often, and it lowers the need to run the filtration system too often.
Correlation breakdown:

  • Prevents water loss through evaporation;
  • Improves cleanliness to avoid waste through removal of dirty water;
  • Less need for filtering results in more water remaining in the pool.

#2 – Impact of regularly cleaning out debris

This maintenance chore must be performed quite often in order to keep the pool clean safe to swim in. If you already got sick of it and you do not want to skim the leaves and debris out yourself, you can opt for a robotic device which can tend to pool cleaning without requiring your interference in any manner.
Correlation breakdown:

  • Less amount of water needs to be removed from the pool when taking debris out of it;
  • The filtration system is not used as much, so water depletion is reduced.

#3 – Impact of proper water chemistry and balance

Chemical balance is mandatory in pools as it ensures a healthy, safe environment for swimming. To maintain this balance, you have to add chlorine regularly into the water and ensure that pH is kept at a proper level.
Correlation breakdown:

  • Proper chemistry is kept, so you do not have to empty and refill the pool to achieve it once again;
  • pH level consistency does not require you to make any changes to the water level.

#4 – Impact of filtration

Running the pump to circulate the water inside the pool through the filtration system is a procedure you must perform on a weekly basis. However, its duration depends on how conscientious you are in terms of proper general maintenance, so there won’t be a need to run the system for 6 hours, for example, if you do not skip on it.
Correlation breakdown:

  • If you perform the task on a weekly basis, less water will be lost during this maintenance process;
  • A general cleanliness of the aquatic environment will be kept, so you will not have to remove as much water from the pool anymore.

#5 – Impact of leak checking

Leaks lead to instant water waste, depending on the gravity of the situation the waste being bigger or smaller. Regardless of how severe the situation is, you have to tend to this issue as it appears not only to prevent useless water consumption but to keep the pool’s structure safe as well.
Correlation breakdown:

  • Fixing the leak directly results in reducing consumption as the chosen water level is maintained instead of continuously being depleted.

Pool position – How it impacts water waste

While the scourging sun is not the sole culprit of water evaporation, it plays an active role in this unwanted issue which results in increased water consumption. Thus, the position of your pool is partly to blame for water waste as the direct sunlight and heat speed up evaporation rates. While there is not much you can do at this point if you have already installed it except for changing its location to somewhere on your property where it is a bit shielded – if it is possible, obviously -, in case you do not own a pool at the moment but plan to have one soon, put some thought into where you will place it. Your wallet and Mother Nature will surely be grateful for how considerate you are if you do so.

Wrapping it up

To wrap it up and let you immediately tend to check-ups and maintenance tasks you forgot about, we recommend you never skip on your regular pool owner duties as they impact water consumption and thus, your financial situation as well. Being water wise is not complicated, as you have probably already figured out after reaching this point in the article, and its tight link to pool maintenance makes it even easier to preserve this mindset. Therefore, we urge you to take your attributions seriously if you want to save money and reduce water waste, all while keeping the pool a safe environment to swim in.

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