Crazy outfit ideas for any music festival lover  


In case you love festivals, you might already know that the way you dress can say a lot about you and can even attract quality people you can establish strong bonds with. At music festivals, everyone is free. Everyone can express themselves in the way they prefer, without limitations or any shyness involved. You probably saw the impressive photos at The Burning Man festival. The people there are so unconventional and creative that they managed to give birth to a completely new world, a magical world that you can only live in those few days when the festival takes place. Of course, you can’t walk down the streets wearing a T Rex costume, but there is nothing wrong with wearing one in the middle of a crazy crowd. Here are some outfit ideas that will get you out of anonymity in an instant:

Rave costumes

Music festivals are well-known for the various types of people they gather in one single place. Amazing music, good food, and friendly people are the perfect combo for having a good time. But what about clothing? If you want to be the center of attention in the middle of a rave, wear a costume that can be noticed from meters away. There is nothing too shiny or too obscure for wearing at a music festival. No one will judge you, considering the fact that the festival’s theme is what gathers similar-taste people altogether. From crazy animal costumes you’d normally wear on Halloween to fancy princess dresses, everything works. The secret is to feel unique in your own skin. Festivals are all about making all of your senses tingle. The better you feel, the more valuable your memories will be.


Another good idea would be to wear tribal outfits. Again, walking down the street with odd facial painting and wearing an Indian headdress is not recommended, or people might think you are crazy. Yet the atmosphere at a music festival is so relaxed that people will only enjoy your outfit rather than judging it. Unleash your imagination and become the personage you want. These few days in a music festival are dedicated to discovering parts of your personality you didn’t even know they existed. Tribal outfits are pretty popular during music festivals and you can gather inspiration from many places. Visit Instagram and Pinterest to see what the latest trends in terms of fashion are when attending a music festival. You’ll surely like what you see.

Less is more

Because most music festivals take place during summer, wearing fewer clothes is not unusual. Short shorts and bralettes are definitely a must for such festivals, especially if you want to rock a tribal outfit. Don’t be afraid to leave basic jeans and boring t-shirts at home this one time. You have the chance to do anything you want. Take advantage of that and express yourself through what you wear. You are going to have the time of your life and you’ll make memories you cannot forget.

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