Do you want to hire an accountant? Ask them these questions

It’s a smart move for all organisations to have an experienced accountant. Collaborating with an accountant is the best way to stay away from mistakes that can cost you time and money. They will ensure that your business has strong financials. You know you need a business accountant, but how can you be sure you hire the right person? Well, the following questions should help you find the perfect professional for your business.


How long have you been a certified accountant?

It’s crucial for your business the accountant you hire to be certified. If they have certification, they have passed the professionals credentials for accounting services and they have the needed expertise to handle all financial issues your business may deal with.

Will I work only with you or with a team of accountant?

If you are collaborating with a company specialised in Regnskapskontor Oslo then you need to check if you will work with the person you meet or you will collaborate with a team of specialists. It’s advisable to ask who you will be working with to ensure that you effectively communicate with the one responsible for your financials.

How many clients do you work with at the same time?

This question will reveal the size of the accounting company and will help you understand if your business falls within their priorities. You need to know if the company handling the Enkel regnskapsføring services is overloaded with too many clients or if they can focus on your business. It’s important to work with a company that won’t push your organisation at the bottom of their list.

Do you have procedures in place to secure your clients’ data?

It’s crucial all businesses to secure their data, especially the when we’re talking about Social Security numbers and other similar sensitive information. Before hiring a professional to provide Regnskapstjenester Oslo you need to ask them what procedures they have in place to protect your files and information for identity theft, hacking and other threats.

Why should I choose you?

When running a small business with a limited budget you need to ensure that every penny you spend is well invested. Don’t try to save when hiring an accountant. But ask them what services they provide for the fee they ask. They should explain to you how they got their expertise, how they can save your business money, and how they make the money they ask.

What specific experience do you have working in the industry I operate?

Your business operates in a certain industry so you need to hire an accountant that has experience in this particular niche. Ask them if they are aware of the industry-specific factors that influence your business’ financials. They need to know the regulations that establish how to function in your industry. You are a corporate customer and this means you need to collaborate with an accountant specialised in your type of business because they need special knowledge about requirements and taxes.


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