Find How to Clean a Smelly Garbage Disposal

While it’s true that a garbage disposal is very useful when it comes to a hygienic kitchen, there is a small drawback of having one at home. It can smell pretty bad, so we know that cleaning it is definitely not your favorite activity. This helpful device was specially designed to break the drains of the sink as well as to reduce the effects of environmental pollution, being very popular among many house owners. Due to the fact that a garbage disposal unit deals with food, it’s only natural that it can develop an unpleasant smell and for this reason, you have to properly clean it periodically. But how can you deal with a smelly garbage disposal without too much hassle? Although there is no other way than proper cleaning, there are some tips that will help you freshen the waste disposal unit and forget about the bad smell. Here are some simple steps you have to follow.

Start by Removing the Clogs

The first step you have to do is to remove the possible clogs that may be the main factor of the bad smell in the first place. In order to do this, you have to make sure the unit is turned off to avoid any unpleasant incidents and then start cleaning it. Also, it’s recommended that you don’t use your hands to this procedure, but anything else that can efficiently remove the clogs, like tongs for example. Try to remove all the clogs you can see. You can use a flashlight to see them better. After you remove the particles trapped there, you can plug the device in and turn on the water for a couple of minutes.

Fill the Sink Basin with Hot Water and Dish Soap

The next step is to stop the sink drain and run the kitchen faucet in order to soak the garbage disposal unit, it’s recommended that you fill the sink halfway with hot water and then add dish soap or vinegar if you like. Mix them together and then unplug the drain and turn on the disposal, allowing the water to drain out and rinse the device. However, be careful because the water is hot and you can burn yourself.

Add Salt and Ice Cubes

In order to make sure you remove the bad smell, you can perform another smart trick. For this, you have to turn on the disposal and then pour ice cubes into it. Try to pour a large quantity of ice for better results. Additionally, add some salt, preferably a half-cup. Ice and salt work great together when it comes to removing the residue that causes the unpleasant smell. You can also let a stream of water run slowly to melt the ice, but this is not absolutely necessary.

Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

You don’t need an expensive cleaning solution to absorb odor from your disposal, you can just use baking soda and vinegar. You probably already have them in your house, so it’s time to get to work. While the baking soda is great to remove the bad smell, the vinegar is a remarkable cleaner and deodorizer. Start by pouring baking soda in the disposal drain until it’s completely filled. Usually, one-half cup or two cups of baking soda is more than enough. Afterward, you have to pour approximately half-cup of vinegar in the drain and let it stay together with the baking soda for an hour or so. When the time comes, turn on the water and the garbage disposal and let the water run for around one minute.

Keep It Fresh with Citrus Fruits

Instead of baking soda and vinegar, you can also use citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges, or grapefruits. Besides the fact that these fruits smell great, they also help clean the blades and the walls of the disposal. So, cut one fruit or just its peel into small sections and turn on both the water and the disposal. Then, place the sliced fruit into the disposal, one or two sections at a time, and run the water until you add them all. As you can see, without too much effort on your part, you can remove the bad smell very fast and without spending too much money.

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