Follow these tips to lease a car and get the best deal


Leasing a car is a complicated matter. This is the main reason for which many are still reluctant when it comes to such issues. However, when leasing a vehicle, if you pay attention to some details, you are very likely to make a great deal. Of course, in many circumstances it may not be advisable to buy, but leasing might save your skin. Below are some tips and tricks you could apply in order to get the best deal for a leased vehicle.

Consider personal car leasing as an option

When leasing a vehicle, you normally make an initial payment, usually around 20% of the total value of the vehicle. Many leasing packages come with pre-established terms and conditions, and not everybody is a fan of those. And because many employers prefer to offer a car allowance instead of a company car, this type of lease became highly popular in the past few years, this Car Leasing Essex company being one of the most popular companies managing this. Personal car leasing comes in two variations.

  • Personal Contract Purchase – this option is designed for those who want to benefit from fixed monthly payments, for an interval of up to five years. This option is sought after by so many because the initial deposit and the final lease term can be adapted so they fit the budget of each client. When calculating the monthly payment, the client has to take into account some aspects, such as the monthly mileage allowance, the term on which the contract is signed, the residual value of the vehicle and so on. However, this type of lease comes with several advantages. One of the greatest is the fact that it is flexible. Another advantage is there won’t appear depreciation issues, and that handing the car back can be managed with ease.
  • Personal Contract Hire – this is a form of contract, once again which can be signed for a maximum of five years. In spite of this fact, many prefer opting for the three year interval. It comes with similar financial advantages as the first ones, and once again, you must take into account similar factors when calculating the monthly payment.

Decide whether or not you need a lease

Of course, leasing may not fit everybody. However, if you met some of the conditions below, you may want to opt for a lease.

  • You simply can’t afford to purchase a vehicle;
  • You want to drive a more expensive vehicle than you can afford;
  • You are great at taking care of a vehicle, both exterior and interior, not to mention the yearly maintenance matters;
  • You usually don’t drive more than 15,000 miles a year;

If you find yourself in the description above, you are free to start your search for the best vendor on the market and find the best lease package for your particular needs. However, remember to always research your options well before deciding.

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