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The world’s first Burger-making Robot

If the development of the technology impresses you, you should have a look at the latest addition. The first burger-making robot. Yes, it’s able to cook the meat to perfection and increase the monthly revenue by far. It will be the perfect addition to the lunch-time fiasco every restaurant faces. People are fascinated that a robot such as Flippy is cooking the food right in front of their eyes. We don’t blame them. It wasn’t a common prediction that in 2018 we will have our burgers made by a robot.

How to Install a Smart Door Lock System – Step By Step Process Presentation

Hi-tech innovations are welcomed in our lives because they can ease a lot our daily activities. Most of these smart locks have easy installation, low costs, and maintenance. If you are good at installing and fixing things it is even better, you can follow these simple steps and enjoy your new smart door lock shortly. You only need a screwdriver, network access, and a phone, good luck!