Get the top business fashion tips for men


Running a multi-generational family business is anything but easy. Not only do you have to find the right balance in the family business, but also you have to deal with all sorts of conflicts. Somehow, you’ve managed to succeed. You’re a successful businessman. The thing is that you don’t look the part. Does it even matter what you wear in business? Of course, it does. You can’t put on flip-flops and hope for the best. What you need is a suit. Although the corporate environment has changed over the years, it’s still necessary to have a formal attire. Use these top tips and become a stylish executive.

Underdress instead of overdressing

You don’t want to look stupid, do you? The biggest mistake that you can make is dressing too elaborately. Sure, you won’t seem lazy, but neither will you make a good impression. It’s best to keep things simple. Opt for something other than the traditional business wear. Forget all about the classic three-piece suit. Get a long-sleeved jacket, merino t-shirt, and a pair of pants. You can spice up the outfit by adding a pair of loafers. Speaking of shirts, mens merino shirts are at the same time soft and stylish. Basically, they’re worth investing in. When you present yourself, you will make a professional impression.

Don’t forget about jewellery

Making fashion mistakes is what keeps men away from accessories. Accessorising a suit isn’t easy, yet it’s not the most difficult thing in the world. It’s not like brain surgery. Anyway, how do you accessorize business attire? A wristwatch is enough. Wearing a timepiece is good for punctuality and makes your outfit stand out. Don’t worry because watches work well with Hardvark merino clothing. Make sure to avoid flashy timepieces as they will attract negative attention. If you want, you can put on a metallic necklace. This will completely transform your look. However, choose something simple. A medallion simply won’t do.

Wear comfortable trousers when travelling

When you’re at the head of a multi-generational family business, you barely have time for yourself. You travel all the time, meeting with clients and investors. You make millions of business trips per year, which is why you should be prepared. It’s recommendable to pack comfortable trousers. The pieces that you bring with you need to be stylish and comfy. Chinos are a great choice. These long pants are breathable, not to mention that they allow you to move easily. You can pair the chinos with a suit jacket or cardigan. It all depends on the formality of the meeting. Attention needs to be paid to the logo. More precisely, it shouldn’t be visible. It’s acceptable to wear designer labels, yet it’s not acceptable to show off. People know that you can afford nice things.

We hope that these business fashion tips come in handy. Keep in mind that you’re a professional and you need to dress the part. While you can keep things casual, you can’t dress like you’re about to leave on vacation. Make an effort, will you?


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