Give your master bedroom a complete makeover


Since that paralyzing kitchen renovation, you thought that you could never initiate a new home improvement project. However, time has gone by imperceptibly and you have been thinking lately about refreshing the master bedroom. The reality is that you cannot help it. Whether it is the feeling of excitement or over-flowing creativity, you often examine the interiors of your home and you want more. You want change, improvement and there is nothing wrong with it. Furthermore, if you compare a kitchen renovation with a master bedroom update, relief is the only sensation that comes to your busy mind. The explanation is simple: this project should be less time-consuming and less complex than the one before it. Well, that until you start realizing the multitude of decision you have to make regarding your new refreshed master bedroom. You need to explore colors, materials, patterns and textures and this might prove to be a truly daunting task.

Start with the big and heavy elements….

First, ask yourself, what do I want to achieve with this makeover? Do I want to add more calm and peace because I intend to transform it into a sanctuary, to add more romance for strengthening the emotional relationship with my spouse or to let my abundant sense of style take over and transform that old bedroom into an inspiring contemporary place? Regardless of the answer, paying attention to details is crucial. Obviously, the most eye-catching elements in the room including the walls, furniture and decorations have priority, but do not forget about details like art pieces, flowerpots or the carpet. By determining all the changes you intend to make, you will be able to establish a budget for the makeover. Starting with the bed, king or queen sizes are not imperative, so you can opt for a double one. However, if you want to match the style you want to create, you should direct your attention towards modern leather beds. It has a more affordable price compared to the others, but it looks expensive due to the pretentious material. Once you have the bed, which can easily become your best investment, you can move on to furniture. Now, if the leather bed is black, you can go with white furniture and obtain a perfect balance.

Continue with minimalist artistic pieces

In terms of walls, you want to keep it simple. Modern style does not allow many variations when decorating home interiors. Nevertheless, since you only included black and white pieces inside the master bedroom, you can add without hesitation bright artwork on the walls and a pot of colorful flowers on the table. A few books here and there elevate the atmosphere significantly. You can arrange them both horizontally and vertically if you want to break the rules. Brightness has the power to freshen up any space so make sure that you let the sun enter the room freely. If you insist on integrating a unique piece crafted by your own hands, feel free to let your creativity bring to life striking pieces and place them strategically.

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