How to choose a professional bartender for your event

Unquestionably, organizing an imposing event requires thorough planning and attention to detail. Whether it is a celebration, a corporate event, a fundraiser or a wedding reception, you need to make important decisions that will determine its success or failure. These decisions mostly refer to the venue, décor, entertainment and catering. Nevertheless, have you considered hiring a professional bartender who will prepare delicious drinks for your guests throughout the evening?  Do not let yourself carried away by all the other aspects and neglect the process of choosing a good bartender. Even though it seems easy, do not underestimate this job and the training of each bartender. If he really has experience in this area, he will not only enable you and your guests enjoy great cocktails, but also create a good overall atmosphere.

Test his knowledge and abilities

Probably the most important aspects you should consider when choosing a bartender is hygiene and cleanliness followed by experience in terms of drinks and combinations. After all, you ordered a large amount of Scotch online and you do not want to waste it. Moreover, you can use the knowledge of your bartender and create a menu where you can include beverages that will suit everyone’s tastes and preferences. If he worked in bars or other private parties, then he should know the most popular drinks customers usually order, regardless of the occasion. Furthermore, he should be able to create personalized drinks on the spot at the request of anyone. Actually, you can test him in this regard by asking him to make you a cocktail based on Scotch. If you like it, then he deserves to become the bartender at your special event. Thus, you will have the certainty that all your guests will completely love their drinks and your event will be a success, not to mention that your bartender could receive some generous tips.

Important skills to consider

Apart from knowledge and experience, a professional bartender has certain skills that differentiate him from other potential candidates. These include positive attitude and outgoing personality, attention and good memory, responsibility and multitasking, speed and dexterity, among others. Your bartender needs to greet all your guests with a smile even though he cannot serve them immediately. Being polite and kind with frustrated customers demands patience and composure as well as the ability to read people in order to determine if they just want a drink or they are open for conversation. Speaking about composure, if you are having a large number of guests at your event, the bartender will have to serve various people at once and this can be quite stressful, which means that maintaining a positive and friendly attitude represents a big plus. In this case, organization plays an important role because he can lose track of the orders if he does not have a system that will help him memorize or he cannot juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. Taking into consideration the skills demanded by this job, we can safely state that it definitely demands physical and mental strength and stamina.

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