How to implement corporate responsibility as part of your family-owned business

Traditionally, big enterprises put an increasing accent on corporate responsibility and the role they play in the societies they’re part of. However, the topic of corporate responsibility in small, family-owned businesses is yet to be fully explored. Of course, small businesses like these play a big role in the communities they’re part of, especially if they have tradition and history in the market. But how could s fresh business like this approach more efficiently the corporate responsibility matter?

According to Luis Goyzueta, CEO of multiple companies with a keen accent on corporate reasonability policy, the first step is identifying the ways in which your company’s activity might endanger the local environment or communities. But more on the topic, in the following paragraphs.


Develop more personal relationships with consumers and employees

Small family-owned businesses are notorious for the care and attention which they pay to both consumers and employees. Although this might not seem like a corporate responsibility strategy, if you want to be perceived as responsible locally, you have to start from the core of your business. Developing family-like relationships with your employees will allow you to win their loyalty, but not only.

  • Greater commitment on their part;
  • More direct contacts with the clients, which makes them more inclined to develop long-lasting collaborations with your business;
  • In small family-owned businesses, there is an increased tendency towards long-term planning, allowing the business to grow organically, over the years.

According to Goyzueta, companies that successfully manage to grow closer to their employees and clients have more chances to grow successfully in highly competitive markets.

Acts of volunteering help

If you want to become a responsible business in the local community, find several causes that seem like worth fighting for and help. For instance, if you run a local farm and the local church is cooking weekly meals for the poor, you can volunteer by bringing vegetables and fruits to be used in the cooking process. Take it a step forward and help yourself the local church to cook the meals. The list of examples could go on. But if you want to really feel that you’re making a difference locally, you have to find some causes that might use your help and make yourself useful actively.

Local sponsorships

For many communities, regardless of their size, sports play a big role in their existence. Due to this reason, you could start a sponsorship program for one local sports club or team.  You may be surprised how much respect and authority this will gain for your company, locally. Donations, scholarships and similar other acts will turn your small business into a fully responsible one, locally.

These are some simple strategies that will help you boost your corporate responsibility actions as a small family-owned business. Although not many studies have been conducted on such enterprises and corporate responsibility, a similar attitude seems to be already inherent in these companies’ case. Take it a step forward and blend the strategies presented above.

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