How to Install a Smart Door Lock System – Step By Step Process Presentation

Safety is always important and how can you be more protected than keeping all doors closed and locked up? A strong lock can protect you from intrusions or unwanted situations. But, what about smart lock systems? You probably heard about these high-end devices that combine the latest technologies for the ultimate home protection. If you haven’t, let’s discuss a little bit the topic.

What are smart locks?

These are electronic locks created to function through a certified device that sends them instructions using wireless functions and a cryptographic key that can authorize the whole process. After performing the required verification, the smart lock system can perform locking and unlocking actions following wireless commands. They are capable of allowing or granting access through an installed mobile app or any other virtual keys. In short terms, they can be locked and unlocked without using a smartphone connected to an internet network instead of a real key.

Why is a smart lock system preferable?

Smart locks can do more than simply lock and unlock your doors without using a key. They can notify you whenever someone is entering or leaving your place by sending alerts on your phone or e-mail. Also, you can limit the access for visitors when you are not at home and remotely lock and unlock.
Most of these intelligent locks use batteries to run which can last up to 1 year of use, notifying you through a flashing light when it is time to replace their batteries.

Smart door lock systems installation process

Installing a smart lock system means using a whole new way of keeping your door secured, depending on its model and features. Let’s see how such a system can be installed, step by step.

Remove the old deadbolt

Start by removing your actual deadbolt by using a screwdriver, or you can even use a utility knife to avoid ruining the door paint. There will be two bolts holding the deadbolt that must be removed. The body of the deadbolt is held by two screws that are situated on the back of it, they must be removed.

Install the new latch

After measuring the diameter of the hole, you can install a new latch that properly fits the hole. Place the new latch in the “up” position and make sure that its length fits the hole. After sliding it inside the door, check if it is smoothly extending and retracting. You can use a screwdriver to check the latch, then you must secure it with screws.

Get familiar with the smart lock

You can read the instructions of the smart lock and see if it has wireless features and what devices are compatible with it. If the system allows, you can still use a classic door key, according to its specifications. If you want to give access to other people you can send them“electronic keys” on their smartphones (as long as they are compatible) which can give them permission to access your door.

Install the smart lock

First, it’s important to measure the door’s thickness in order to know what are the right screws for the new deadbolt. After positioning the lock on the door, just slide the deadbolt stem in order to fit in the latch. Carefully place the wires of the lock without damaging them under the latch and press the deadbolt across the door. After positioning the bracket on the interior side of the door and the wires inside it, secure the bracket with a screwdriver by tightening the bolts.

Installing the interior half of the lock

Then connect the cables to their right electrical components and gently place them in the housing. Try to avoid placing the cables close to the mounting holes, because eventually, the screws will contact any of the wires and possibly damage the entire electrical connection. After the lock is positioned against the bracket, use a screwdriver to secure it with the available screws. You can place the batteries into the smart lock and see if the deadbolt is working. Now you can put the cover plate on and enjoy a well-done job.

Programming the smart lock

Some of the intelligent locks come with a key fob which you can use to operate the door. But you can also access the lock through an app installed on your phone. After creating an online account, you have to calibrate your phone and the deadbolt and there you have it! You can operate your door by a single touch of your mobile phone, isn’t that great? And if you are away you can send your kids and friends these virtual keys that allow them to enter your house. You don’t have to worry anymore if you lose your home keys, but still, be careful with your phone!

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