How to Remove Graffiti from Concrete Walls and Sidewalks?

Ok, so you just bought a building and you’re planning to turn it into your next workspace. But there’s so much graffiti on it, it’s difficult to remove it easily. Graffiti is more popular than ever these days.

Graffiti first appeared in Philadelphia in 1960. By the late ‘60s, it has reached New York, and that’s when art really took place. People begun to write their names, tags, or nicknames on buildings across the city. Painter’s names were all over the sides of buildings, subways, etc. They used to call themselves “artists”, and got extra points for tagging really hard accessible locations, like incredibly great heights, or compete to make their marks better than their competitors.

Now, a lot of people deal with all types of graffiti removers, bad enough to cause impregnering av betong. Thankfully, nowadays options to remove graffiti increased. Whether you need to know how to remove graffiti from brick walls, concrete, or generally, off of any type of building, you’re in the right place. Let’s see how can you clean up a wall or sidewalk with ease of unwanted graffiti.

Depending on the type of surface (concrete, wood, metal, etc.,), and what type of paint has been used, removing graffiti can have multiple answers. It’s because each surface is made up of many components that interact with graffiti differently.

A great way to start your grafittifjerning is by using a special graffiti remover, qualitative enough to remove a wide variety of graffiti types, including sprays, and markers. Another safe method is to use a paint stripper that works best on most hard surfaces, like concrete. If you have multiple layers of graffiti to remove, then you need something stronger.

It’s good to know that there are good products on the market for graffiti removal. AGS graffiti removal is the perfect solution when it comes to clearing a building walls or sidewalks. And there’s no need to concern, there’s a wide range of products for removing any type of pain, graffiti, markers, etc. There are plenty of solutions for permanent or temporary graffiti. They’re simple to use, and natural – you don’t need to repeat the procedure each couple of months. Once at 2-3 years is enough to repeat the process for your fasadebeskyttelse.

You might love the graffiti, but no matter how artistic it looks, you simply can’t afford to leave it on the building. It might provide a wrong impression to your visitors. It’s not a great thing to deal with, and if you have questions, make sure you call a specialist and ask for recommendations towards the right products for removing graffiti.

Removing graffiti from a surface is a problem that most business owners deal with across the world. Unfortunately, graffiti can make a business look unprofessional. So, the best thing to do is to remove it and leave the surface unpainted.

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