How to stop the draught from your Georgian sash windows


Sash windows have been the most popular choice in the Georgian period. The sash window offered, and still offers many advantages, being suited to the wet British climate. This type of framework with movable panels ensures good ventilation and significantly reduces the chance of rain entering. You can prevent anyone else entering the home thanks to as sash window locks. When they are new, Georgian sliding box-sash windows are somewhat draught-proof. Nonetheless, after a century of sliding up and down in their frames gaps will appear around the edges. The good news is that you can find plenty of draught-stripping systems that include seals you can attach to the frames. You can undertake this project on your own and get professional results.

The easy way to draught-proof your windows

Not only do ill-fitting window frames get incredibly draughty, but in time the wooden frames become warped as well. Even though this framework with movable panels provides your home character, it is still necessary to do some maintenance work. The simplest way in which you can cut drafts and implicitly reduce energy waste is by adding draught-proofing strips. If you repair the window frames and add draught-proofing stripes, you can reduce air infiltration by almost 90%, which is impressive. Draught-proofing stripes are highly flexible and non-permanent. This basically means that you can insert them at the beginning of the cold season and remove them when spring is around the corner. Even if heat can be lost through the glass, heavy curtains and close-fitting roller blinds will cut the amount of heat loss.

Surface mounted rubber seals

You will find thousands of beads on the market today in a great array of styles and designs. As you can imagine, these products do not have the same degree of success. More precisely, some are better than others and this is the reason why you should only purchase from recommended brands, that is if you want to avoid the trial and error phase. One product that is particularly good is the surface mounted rubber seal. What you should do is take out the old sashes, carry out the necessary repairs, and insert effective and long lasting-brushes. Even though brush seals made from nylon fibres are a popular choice, you also have the possibility to use other systems which employ seals made from urethane foam. When installing the seal, take into consideration the location. If the parting bead is used to carry vertical seals, then they are highly visible and you have to make sure that you do not paint over them. If you do this, then the seal becomes clogged and loses its effectiveness.

Secondary glazing

In the past, fitting secondary glazing resulted in ruining the aesthetic appeal of the sash window, but this is not an issue anymore. Modern secondary glazing units are especially designed to blend in with the existing windows and to be as unnoticeable as possible. Secondary glazing adds a second sheet of glass to the framework, which will allow you to retain the original framework without having to make alterations. If the secondary glazing is designed well, it can cut heat loss about 60% and it can be reversible.

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