How to store electronics properly

Every homeowner has different modern devices that have the purpose to make his life easier, from screen televisions to smart phones and computers. The truth is that nobody lives without technology nowadays and people actually invest significant amounts of money in order to enjoy these benefits. If you are one of those people, you know exactly that taking care of your investment is crucial because it helps you prolong the life of these helpful and entertaining devices. However, you must be aware that at some point in the future, you will have to store your needed electronics and consequently, you will end up in the situation of exploring various facilities and renting an adequate storage unit. This process requires your full dedication because electronics are quite fragile meaning that they need special storing conditions that you have to keep in mind. Most likely, a basic unit will not provide the optimal environment you are searching for your precious possessions so you should opt for climate-controlled storage units Orlando.


Choose climate-controlled storage

Even though you have to pay more for this choice, at least you have the certainty that your devices will maintain their perfect condition throughout the entire storage period. Seasons with extreme temperatures or humid climates can ruin your electronics so being a money grubber will cause more harm in this case. The only situation that allows you to rent a basic unit without negative consequences is when you decide to move out and you just need space for your belongings for a short time and the weather is good. Otherwise, climate-controlled storage represents the only viable solution.

How to pack and move your electronics

Before arranging your electronics in the available space, you first need to worry about moving and packing them. Gather the necessary packing supplies including bubble wrap, sturdy cartons, packaging tape and markers, which will help you label the boxes. If you still have the original packaging for every product or at least for the majority of your electronics, even better because they will fit perfectly. Nevertheless, before placing each item in the suitable box, you have to detach the connections and if you want to make sure that you remember where each wire goes, you can take a picture that will later offer you the needed guidance. After you detach the wires, you can bundle them together and label them so you do not mix them up. Keep the components of the same device together in a plastic bag. In terms of TV screens and monitors, you should be precautious and use anti-static foam to protect them during the transport.

Important tips when storing electronics

Avoid placing your large screen TV flat directly on the floor. Instead, you can lean it against the wall and cover it with a sheet or a blanket. Moreover, do not place your electronics one on top of the other because it could ruin them in time. Make sure that you back up essential information in your computer and do not leave batteries in the storage unit because you will harm the battery container. You can choose to recycle them and buy new ones.

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