Innovative ways to use ribbons

Ribbon is a material that has a great history when it comes to fashion, crafting and sewing. Thousands of years ago, women from all around the world used it for weaving cloths and later on, to adorn their attires or hair. Nowadays, fabric ribbon has become one of the most popular products used for almost any type of objects. In case you are wondering how you can use it at home, here are some relevant suggestions of innovative uses that will help you save the day:


Outfit accessories

Thinking about wearing an old dress, but it no longer suits you since you lost weight? Improvise a beautiful and feminine belt out of ribbon. What to add a cutting edge detail to a neat white bottom up? Add a small bright ribbon piece instead of a bow tie, for a fashionable touch, and pair it with some distressed jeans. Thinking about leaving your hair loose, but you do not want it to interfere with your daily activities? Place a ribbon instead of a head band and you get a simple yet sophisticated result. As you can see, you can do almost anything you want if you use this dynamic fabric.


DIY projects for your home

Crafting projects are probably the most entertaining, efficient and financially convenient method of adorning your home. There are so many tutorials and suggestions in dedicated magazines and online pages, that it will be absolutely impossible not to find something you want and can do. Since ribbon is so versatile, you can use it as raw material for almost any DIY activity. Whether you want new pillow cases, curtain holdbacks, a beautiful vase, fabulous flower arrangements or girly ruffled laps, ribbon is the one fabric you can rely on. It is affordable, versatile easy to use and suitable to any project.


Wrapping presents

Last but not least, you can still use ribbons to create a perfectly wrapped present for your dear ones. This is probably the most common use of this extremely versatile fabric and people all around the world purchase it in huge amounts, during Christmas season in particular. What is actually innovative about this use is that you can always get creative when making the design of a present, not only items of styles but also in terms of colours and patterns. You will find printed ribbon and even custom made products on specialised shops, so do not hesitate to let your imagination fly freely.

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