Knife Anatomy – Get to Know Your Cutting Tools Better

Knives represent one of the basic but also the most significant tools in the kitchen. On the market, there are a lot of types of knives, so we can barely decide which one to choose. Many times, people do not pay attention to knives and decide to buy the cheapest ones. A good quality knife may help you a lot, even though you make an investment, it will last longer. In order to understand the importance of a knife, people must first assure that they know its components.

The anatomy of your knife

Firstly, we will divide the knife into two principal sides: the handle and the blade. But these two parts have their own elements. On the handle, we can notice the butt, the tang, the scales, and rivets. The butt is situated at the end of the knife, the tang is the area that gives symmetry to the knife. Scales create the handle of the knife and the rivets are the metal circles from the handle. The blade of a knife is composed of its point, tip, edge, heel, spine and bolster. The point has to be sharpened in order to bit, the tip is the forward section of the knife, the edge is maybe the most important element because it cuts the food, the heel is diametrical to the point, the spine is diametrical to the edge and the bolster is the line that links the blade with the handle.

Types of blades and handles

Usually, the blade of a knife is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is known for its sharpness and reliability and it protects the blade from being stained or scratched. This is why it’s the best option for a good and long-lasting knife.
Regarding the handle of the knife, there are many options such as wood, plastic, and stainless steel. Wood handles are the basic ones, every one of us owns this type of knife. But regarding their composition, it has been demonstrated that they are not so healthy because the wood can catch a lot of bacteria. Plastic handle knives have a nice aspect, they are easy to clean and to hold. The last category, the stainless steel one is very strong and stable. The stainless steel blade is better than the wood and plastic one because it will last longer.

How to choose the best knife

“Best knife” actually represents “the needed knife”. If you have doubts when choosing a knife, the first thing you have to do is to think why do you need that cutlery tool and what do you have to cut most often. Below, we will present you some types of knives adequate for many jobs.

The chef’s knife, also the most important and the most common knife. It is very handy and convenient for everybody, you can cut almost everything with it from vegetables to meat.
The meat knife, which is obviously used to cut the meat. This type of knife is much slimmer than a usual one, for a better precision when cutting the slices. It has a very pointed tip to help you cut on a board.
The boning knife is a durable and strong knife, or this is what it should be. This knife is used to separate the meat from the bone, in order to do that it must be very solid. It can be used too at filleting fish because its blade offers straight cuts.
The butcher’s knife is usually a massive and a loose one. Its blades are not so curved because it wouldn’t be possible anymore to cut and trim the big portions of meat.

The bread knife comes with its peculiarity of the handle especially made to prevent people’s joints from hitting the cutting surface. These knives have toothed edges which are ideal for cutting the bread.

These are the most common types of knives that people use in their kitchens, but you have to know that after choosing the right knife it is also important to maintain it. In this case, it is recommended to sharpen your knives when necessary but many people do not know that they can do this at home. You just put the knife on an adequate surface, add some water or oil and then choose the best angle to sharpen it.

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