Lifting others and doing good – how to make a change

Sometimes, the best thing you can do with your time is helping others and offering your support to people who truly need it. People tend to feel better about themselves when they are doing something good for others and this is a small step to changing society. Changing the perception of people who forgot that doing good should be part of everyone’s daily actions can lead to a greater modification of how people behave daily. Most goods derive from helping others, so simply trying to become better and pay attention to the requirements and needs of people who surround you can lead to great things. This article is meant to show you how to lift others and do good more often, accentuating the benefits of this small change. Here are the tips you should apply as soon as possible:


Share what you know

A popular opinion is that you shouldn’t share everything that you know because other people can take your place and be successful instead of you. The reality is that simply sharing your knowledge with others cannot affect your path in life. As long as you are the best at what you are doing, giving other people some tips won’t be troubling for your own situation. Yet it might have a great influence in their life. Educating someone about what you know best can be a starting point in their life. You can become a mentor to them and help them achieve success. Things will reciprocate in the future and you will enjoy someone’s appreciation for what you are doing. Take the example of personalities like Dr. Kantor Moshe and their philanthropic activities.

Learn how to listen

Another tip on how to lift other people would be learning how to listen to them. Knowing what people value and what their goals are could give you the main idea on how you can help them in the future. Without properly listening to a person’s ideas and desires, you can’t actively help them succeed. In the case of people who are not good at expressing their thoughts, try to insist and ask relevant questions. Ask if they need help and make an effort to understand their point of view.

Give positive, constructive feedback

Whenever someone tells you about a decision they are about to make that you don’t consider appropriate, don’t hesitate to express your opinion and give them constructive feedback. If you have experience in the respective field and you consider that what you would do can have a more positive outcome, tell the person what you think. Do it in a constructive manner and try not to discourage them. Choose your words wisely and use a motivating tone instead of a negative one. This way, you could help someone avoid an unpleasant outcome for a situation you’ve previously been through. You will definitely feel better with yourself and the person will thank you endlessly for your support and advice.

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