Living A Minimalist Life – The In-Depth Guide


The past few years focused on exposing the major benefits of living a minimalist life. For some people, owning as many things as possible and constantly spending money is a way of living they can’t get rid of. Minimalism is here to change the perception of these people and to show them that the path to happiness is not bounded to how many things you possess. When being surrounded by useless objects, you tend to live your life around them and forget to direct your resources to what actually matters. The goal of minimalism is teaching you how to live a more intentional life, instead of one that’s based on belongings and clutter. Even though storing away some things around your house doesn’t seem to be the solution to all of your problems, you’ll be amazed how much of a difference decluttering both your mind and your home can make.

The journey begins with knowing your priorities. Minimalism involves getting rid of stuff that does not add value to your life. This can represent the obstacle that keeps you from truly living. Besides knowing your priorities, you also have to stop overcommitting. Time is the most precious resource you possess. Wasting time and trying to commit to activities or persons out of obligation is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Minimalism promotes single-tasking instead of the damaging, energy-zapper multi-tasking. Doing one thing at a time and focusing on small steps instead of aiming for 24/7 productivity could be the beginning of a mindful life. Here are some in-depth details about finally starting your minimalism journey.

Are you aware of the psychological effects of clutter?

Living in a messy environment can affect your mind in the long run. It is not unusual for clutter to add up after a long week of work. After coming home, you might not have the time or the disposition to start tidying up the house, but you should definitely invest one or two days at the end of each week for decluttering. Minimalism recommends getting rid of any object that has to relevance to your daily activity. If you are not psychically ready to throw away so many things, you can opt for storage units Los Angeles until further decisions. Learn how not to get attached to items and complete the empty space with emotions and experiences. You’ll notice a huge difference in no time.

In case you believe that living in clutter has no repercussions on your life, think twice. It has been scientifically proven that clutter has negative psychological effects that directly affect the way you perceive your life. Starting with increased cortisol levels that cause stress and living in a constant state of inadequacy, clutter will slowly start to affect the way you live your life. Minimalism can help you overcome these negative effects. The only thing you have to do is ask yourself some questions about your belongings. Think how you feel about disposing of any item with sentimental value or objects you spent a lot of money on. Take it slowly and you’ll notice improvements in no time.

Challenge yourself

You won’t be able to transform your life in an instant. It takes time and effort to build something from scratch, especially if that means changing the way you live. Challenging yourself and making one step further to minimalism each day is what you need to do. Start with small things, like purging your wardrobe or organizing what you carry in your bag. Remember that your home is not a place dedicated to storage, but a place for living healthily and happily. You don’t have to discard everything you own all at once. Put the items that cause clutter in some boxes and set them out of sight in a storage unit.

If you haven’t used or missed anything from the respective boxes in a 30-day interval, you are free to toss them away. Continue by carefully evaluating your purchases. Decide if what you buy is worthy and next time you go shopping ask yourself if you really need that thing. Challenge yourself not to use the phone for a while or to eliminate a toxic relationship you are struggling with. These small steps will bring you closer and closer to achieving the minimalist lifestyle.

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