Medical conditions that Botox can treat


Millions of Botox treatments are carried out each year all over the world, and Birmingham makes no exception. Someone who has never had Botox injections may find it hard to understand what the bid deal is. Treatments with botulinum toxin are realised mainly for cosmetic purposes. Wrinkles do not stand a chance in the face of Botox. The medical benefits of Botox treatments are less commonly known. In fact, many reject the idea that the therapy can be good for anything other than minimising the appearance of wrinkles. Well, Botox can treat many medical conditions. Are you curious to find out what they are?

Crossed eyes

The drug made from the botulinum toxin is anything but dangerous. It can be used in order to improve appearance, or strabismus. If you are a person suffering from crossed eyes, you will be thrilled to understand that Botulinum toxin therapy can help you see better. Not that may people are aware of the fact that this kind of therapy has been used since the 70s. people back then did not consider that there is anything dangerous about Botox treatments, and neither od people now. We are talking about the specialists, of course. Botox treatments Birmingham are free from harm and, most importantly. When Botox is injected into the eye muscle, it makes it much more weaker. The result is that the eye muscle loses its strength, and strabismus is corrected. Now, what do you say about that?

Uncontrollable bladder

Having an uncontrollable bladder is annoying to say the very least. You are constantly walking to and from the bathroom, not to mention that the sensation of needing to urinate is not a pleasant one. The most frustrating part is when you accidentally urinate in your pants.  The good thing is that you and other people do not have to deal with these kinds of situations ever again. Botox treatments can help you in this respect. What Botulinum toxin does is lead to increase of the bladder’s storage capacity, so it can accommodate more urine. The bigger the capacity of the organ is, the less you will be going to the bathroom. Botulinum toxin therapy is approved even by the FDA, so you can be sure that it works.


A great many men and women go to cosmetic beauty clinics like Dr Aesthetic to treat their wrinkles. If they would have talked with their treating experts, they would certainly have found out that Botox is efficient in the treatment of tremors. Is that so? Unintentional movements can occur anywhere in the body, and the big problem is that they take place at the worst possible times. Imagine the following situation: you are holding a big cup of Joe and the tremor of your hands gets so bad that you spill the hot coffee all over yourself. While Botulinum toxin therapy cannot get rid of the tremor for good, it can improve the patient’s condition. However, you are going to have to go to a specialized clinic for this.

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