More than a game: is 5-a-side football a beneficial pastime?

Undoubtedly, every individual playing 5-a-side football must possess certain fundamental skills including reacting and acting fast, anticipating other players’ moves, handling the ball easily under pressure, managing to find a solution for any unexpected situation faced during the game and wanting to score more than anything else. Whether you view it as an elite sport, a social club or a fitness regime, the increasingly popular 5-a-side football definitely has a competitive nature, which increases the level of concentration and motivation of players. For middle aged men, it might represent an excuse to get together for a casual kick once a week. For children, it might represent a great opportunity to become famous football players someday in the future. The rules of the game are quite simple: you wear the adequate equipment and take all the safety precautions, you have the possibility to shoot and score right from the initial kick-off, you cannot enter prohibited areas to gain an advantage and the referee must give his content for any substitutions.


Physical and mental benefits of 5-a-side football for children

People of all ages who understand the importance of fair play should participate in 5 aside football games in London without hesitation because it comes with many physical and mental benefits. For instance, it manages to keep children active outdoors, thus improving their body shape. Since this represents a sport based on team work, they must learn how to cooperate and develop tactics together in order to win. Each team has five members with different habits, playing styles and techniques so learning how to work together and combine those styles during a game truly nourishes their personal development. Kids generally encounter difficulties staying focused for more than a few minutes, but 5-a-side football teaches them the importance of discipline and concentration, which represent the two main ingredients for achieving the obvious objective, namely scoring. Most importantly, all players must treat each other with respect. Therefore, this popular sport and pastime not only increases spend and physical resilience, but also enhances mental agility.

Physical and mental benefits of 5-a-side football for adults

Since people of all ages and genders have the possibility to play 5 Aside Football, adults enjoy some physical and mental benefits as well. According to certain studies that wanted to determine if this type of sport is more helpful for men with high blood pressure than running, 5-a-side football lowers cholesterol levels considerably, increases the efficiency of heart and improves fitness. Consequently, it significantly reduces the risk of lung and heart disease so even though some people view it as recreational football, it definitely includes challenging tasks like jumping, sprinting, tackling and shooting, which represent brief intense actions beneficial for the body. The competitive 5-a-side football gives players more action and intensity than any other pastime. Apart from its huge fitness benefits and improvements to health, it also allows mental and social gains, which refer to less worries, group motivation, positive self-perception, friendship and socializing.

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