Personalised wedding favours – the secret of a perfect wedding

The wedding party is one of the most important events from a person’s life, due to the fact that almost everybody regards it as the best way of celebrating love. But in time, the way of having a successful wedding party has changed a lot. For example, traditional food has been replaced with modern candy bars or snack bars and, sometimes, even the famous white dress is replaced with one in a different colour, such as beige or blue. But there is an old tradition which is still on the top of people’s preference: personalised wedding favours.

Why are personalised wedding favours so important?

Wedding favours are considered a gift which is given by the bride and groom to the guests, in order to thank them for accepting the invitation at their special event. It is a tradition that has been kept since the Middle Ages. But in order to make them special, the wedding favours should be personalised. This involves creativity and, according to experts from this area, the favours should be matched with the rest of the decorations. This fact means taking into consideration all the aspects: from colours to materials.

Which are the most popular trends regarding personalised wedding favours?

There are various types of wedding favours, but some of the most appreciated ones lately are the ecological ones. These are made of some materials which are taken from nature such as wood, flowers, tree leaves, pieces of fruits and the list may continue. And they are personalised based on the preferences of the guests. For example, there are persons who are allergic to camomile or lavender and who cannot stand to be around them. The ecological wedding favours also depend on the season. During the cold season, it proves to be difficult to find materials to make such decoration.

There are also some wedding favours which prove their utility, such as books. If we talk about the wedding of some “bookaholics”, the best way of celebrating the event is giving the guests different types of book, preferably in a pocket edition. But the books should be carefully chosen because people’s tastes regarding the reading activity can be very different. For example, not everybody loves science fictional novels. According to wedding designers, the best solution in this case is going for the classic ones such as Shakespeare’s “Two Gentlemen of Verona” or personalising each wedding favour.

Classic wedding favours

Some other good examples of popular wedding favours are the photos which can be taken together with the bride and groom. They can be done with the help of a photo cab and they represent a beautiful memory.

The wedding favours which are represented by candies or small pieces of chocolate are now considered classic and they are still some of the most appreciated, especially by those who love sweets. In the last period, the wedding honey jars wedding favours are considered a healthier alternative for those who prefer to keep fit.


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