Planning your best man speech-what to avoid          


A wedding represents the union between two people who share the same powerful feelings towards each other. Delivering a speech at such an important event definitely puts a lot of pressure on best men shoulders because they have to combine the right dose of entertainment, charm and respect. Considering the large number of guests present, we have to admit that is difficult to please them all and for this reason, some best men just cannot handle the situation and they fail miserably. Some of them probably made the mistakes mentioned below and even though this might create a hilarious moment, sometimes it can also cause awkwardness and embarrassment among the couple and the guests. Therefore, read carefully the list and make sure to avoid these mistakes when it comes your turn to deliver the much-awaited speech.

Losing control

Nobody denies the responsibility that falls on the best man’s shoulders when it comes to writing and delivering his speech not only in front of the bride and groom, but also their parents and the other guests who are all eyes and ears. The charged atmosphere and the emotions could definitely make even the most self-collected person lose control. However, you should avoid at all costs panicking, mumbling or swallowing your words. Think that it will only last five minutes and try using your sense of humor to relax a little.

Ignoring the parents

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during your Best Man Speech is forgetting to mention the parents because obviously, being friend with the groom you met them several times and you cannot just pretend that you are not aware of their existence. Even though you did not like each other at the beginning, things have changed and you should express your gratitude and thank them for their support, especially if they contributed to the organization of the event and the happiness of the couple. A few compliments will not hurt anyone.

Stealing the spotlight

Indeed, those five minutes of delivering the speech are all about knowing how to monopolize the guests’ attention, you can even consider it your brief moment in the spotlight. However, you should not take your mission to the extreme and make it all about you. Remember, your friendship with the groom is important, but not as much as the marriage at that moment. Thus, instead of focusing on your moments shared together and boring everyone else, speak about the couple’s love and affection.

Being inappropriate

Subjects regarding race, religion and people who did not bother to participate at the event should be your last concern during the speech. You should definitely avoid making any jokes that might offend the guests, particularly the bride. Watch your language because vulgarity does not get along with elegance and you will embarrass the bride and groom. Finding courage in liquor is another practice that leads Best Man speeches to failure. Do not fall into the alcohol confidence trap if you want to prevent getting closer to disaster.

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