Questions that you should ask your physiotherapist

Many people have to undergo a least a few physiotherapy sessions in order to get rid of their health problems and if this is your case, you can rest assured that physiotherapy is something that will prove very beneficial. However, before you start your treatment at any family physiotherapy Ottawa clinic, there are a few questions that you should ask:


What can you do to speed up your recovery?

By getting actively involved in your recovery program you can obtain much better and faster results. Ask your physiotherapist what you can do to help your recovery process and, of course, what you should not do to slower your process. Many people, in the effort of helping their cause, end up creating more damages and thus needed a longer treatment. In any case, one of the best things you can do is to follow your treatment religiously and ask about the extra things such as hydrotherapy and anything else that might ease your problems.


How long before you can recover?

This is quite a normal question that every person should ask and every physiotherapist should be prepared to answer. Granted, each case is different from the other and people can recover at different speeds, but an experienced therapist should be able to give you an estimate. In addition, you should ask how often you need to get your physiotherapy sessions. for instance, a professional athlete who needs to recover as fast as possible to participate in a competition would do two sessions a day, but for a regular person, with a full time job, this would not be possible. But you should still know about the ideal number of sessions that you need to take to achieve an optimal recovery.


How to prevent your problem from reoccurring?

Many people go back to their old habits after their pain has subsided and naturally, after a while it reappears into their lives. The rule of thumb is that you should continue your exercises even after the pain has subsided, just so that you can be sure that it will not reappear in the future. In addition, depending on what you might have caused it, you should avoid staying in a posture that will hurt you again or doing the things that lead to this problem in the first place. Some people even quit their treatments before their injuries are fully healed, but this is a vital mistake as they would only worsen their condition.


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