Reasons to choose artificial grass over a live lawn

People who already chose to install artificial grass acknowledge the benefits. It helps you reduce water bills, it eliminates the need of using harmful pesticides and lawnmowers for maintenance, it gives you more time to relax, it drains quickly, it looks beautiful all year round and it is more durable and safe for children and pets. Even more, it represents a great place for them to play and have fun. If you decide to opt for artificial grass but you do not want to experience the hassle, you can just contact a professional and let him solve the problem.

Environmentally friendly

From an environmental point of view, artificial grass in Scotland provides many benefits. First, it does not require pesticides and fertilizers, which drastically reduces ground pollution. You no longer have to use chemicals that have a negative impact on insects and animals. If you are an advocate for environmental protection, you should encourage your neighbours to eliminate those harmful chemicals and opt for artificial grass too. Secondly, not having a live lawn to look after allows you to save water. Apparently, during the warm season, homeowners use approximately 70% of residential water to irrigate their lawn, which is definitely a waste. A lawn mower emits a serious amount of pollutants and by using it, you are practically harming the environment deliberately. Consequently, we cannot overlook the environmental drawbacks of keeping natural grass in your front and backyard.

Goodbye high maintenance

Installing artificial grass can definitely change your entire schedule by offering you more free time. Just think about it, you do not have to use the lawnmower or the trimmer, fertilize, reseed or water it in order to make sure that your lawn looks perfectly. Artificial grass is long lasting and durable unlike natural grass because it withstands unfavourable weather conditions, playful pets and active children. In those rainy days, you do not have to worry about bringing mud into the house because artificial grass drains quickly. Even more, you can move your family activities outdoors without fearing that you might damage the grass. Take advantage of the chance to spend quality time with your family and eliminate the lawn maintenance responsibilities. You just need to fluff it with a bristle broom and remove any organic materials from its surface.

Aesthetically pleasing

Apart from resisting excellently wet weather, artificial grass is very realistic looking and smooth. It does not wither in the shade or fade from intense sunlight. You have the possibility to choose the shade of green you consider the most suitable for your home style. Therefore, it combines free-maintenance and visual appeal perfectly. Regardless of the season, you will have great looking lawn in your front and backyard that your guests, neighbours and even the passers-by will admire. In we make a comparison, natural grass requires a lot of effort and time in order to lift up to high standards in terms of appearance and we already established that you could use that time more productively., working or playing with your kids.

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