Road trip essentials – things you can’t leave at home

For some, the ideal holiday is a road trip around the world. Even though you might not have the resources, the energy or the time to go on a road trip around the entire world, carefully choosing a location and hopping in the car could be the solution to all your problems. Another good option would be just choosing the destination on your way. The road is ahead of you, nature is surrounding the car, everything is peaceful, and your dearest ones are next to you – what could be better than that? A road trip is not comparable to an all-inclusive holiday at an expensive hotel, in a crowded location. Road trips are all about feeling unbounded. Once you decided to be part of such adventure, is time to pack the essentials. The items you will need during your road trip will save you a lot of money afterward.

Take care of your vehicle

The central element of the road trip is the car itself, so you should make sure you possess all the items for unexpected situations. First, read the best Garmin Nuvi 57lm review and convince yourself that you need a GPS. Without a GPS with offline maps, you might get lost, which is definitely not part of your road trip plans. Invest in a good GPS system and you will say goodbye to all worries. The more opinions you read, the higher the chances of purchasing a good one. Besides a GPS system, make sure you have your spare tire set and ready. Some jumper cables and a multipurpose tool kit are part of the essentials too. Don’t forget your phone chargers and another type of batteries. Always carry a flashlight with you, especially if you plan on camping.

First aid

As for first aid, you should carry a kit that includes the following: saline solution, tape, and band-aids, cotton swabs, Benadryl cream, Tylenol. Besides these items, you should also carry an instant cold pack, some bug spray and sunscreen, a pair of scissors and several types of pain medicine. Since you will be traveling in your car for so long, you might need pills for motion sickness.

Kids, entertainment and other

After you bought the perfect GPS system, you might want to also invest in a tablet. Long travels in the car can get boring, the reason why playing a movie on the tablet might save the day. Don’t forget the car charger either. In case you are traveling with kids, bring some extra wipes and clean clothes. Paper towels cannot miss from your car, as well as a hand sanitizer and some washcloths. Keep a bucket with a lid nearby, in case the kids’ tummies get upset. For entertainment, put some activity books in the back of your car. Toys, books, and magazines won’t require much space for storage. Paper and crayons could also keep the passengers busy. Get some pillows and blankets as well, in case someone gets sleepy.

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