Shipping containers – a great annex for your home

It is a fact that most people would need an extra space around the house either to store various items or to use as an office for something different. However, even if they have the necessary space to build something, the permits and fees can often be very time consuming and expensive, so most people settle for what they have. However, shipping container conversion is now a very popular thing to do and it is certainly a solution to take into account as it is considerably cheaper than its alternative. Here are just a few ideas of how you could use a shipping container around the house:


Outdoor kitchen

If you love to cook, but you don’t particularly like the smell of sautéed onions in your house, this could be the perfect solution, especially during the warm summer months when you could enjoy dining outside and spare yourself of messing up the main house altogether. Shipping containers could be equipped with anything, so you could fit in there a sink, an oven and anything else you need to cook your best dishes.

Game room for adults or children

Whether you want a place where you can play board games with your friends without bothering everyone else from the house or you want a place where your children can play and not worry about them living their toys all over the house, a shipping container is a great option. It is large enough to fit a table and some chairs and definitely large enough for all the toys your kid might want. You could even add a TV and a PlayStation in there to make everything that much more fun. Whether it is for you or for your children, this is definitely an excellent solution for that space problem you are having.

A workshop

No matter what hobby you might have or want to undertake, you will need a workshop for your tools and a shipping container will be the perfect place. It is amazing what dedicated conversion companies can do with a shipping container, so you won’t even realise what it used to be before you ordered your workshop. These containers can actually be equipped to be used as guest room for any guests you might want to receive. Of course, if what you need is a workshop, you don’t have to worry about running water or electricity, because anything can be fitted into these containers for them to be just perfect for anyone’s needs.

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