Should you give your child a mobile phone?


Some parents believe that giving children or teenagers a mobile phone is irresponsible because they will start losing sleep just to answer texts and share jokes with friends, they will become safe victims of strangers or exchange sexual content and photos. Other parents believe that you cannot deprive your child or teenager from the ability of communicating with relatives and friends, especially taking into account that today’s society relies mostly on technology. In the meantime, parents like you just want to know when it is the right time to give your child a mobile phone. Since you are the mature adult in the family, it is your job to determine if your innocent kid is ready to prove that he can follow rules and act responsibly. Obviously, you must set these rules in order to prevent mobile phone addiction, bad influences and waste of time.

Prepare your child for the responsibility of owning a mobile phone

Unfortunately, dangers are all around so instead of closing your eyes and hoping that nothing bad will happen to your child, you have to take matters into your own hands and inform him about potential threats, especially after giving him a portable telephone. For instance, malicious people might call without even having a solid reason just to make jokes and scare him. In this case, you should discuss with your teenager about reverse phone lookup because it allows him to discover who just made the call. Business people use it because they do not want to miss important calls, but it represents the perfect solution for your child to remove any doubts or questions regarding unwanted calls received on his mobile phone. Your kid’s ability of understanding this reverse phone search is a good reason for you to consider actually giving him a mobile phone. Furthermore, you cannot overlook the convenience of these marvelous devices. You practically have the possibility to stay up to date with your teenager’s schedule. Shortly, you get to know where he is any time of the day. This will give you peace of mind because you have the certainty that your child is unharmed.

You should expect a change in attitude after giving your teenager a cell phone

On the other hand, the drawbacks mentioned at the beginning of the article are quite true and you have to consider them before deciding to handle the mobile phone to your kid. For instance, are you willing to let radio waves threaten his health? Are you ready to face your teenager’s attitude when prohibiting him to use the cell phone at night, at school or at family reunions? You have to be aware that once your child will get his hands on the magical device, he will never let go. In fact, he will sleep with it next to the bed. Your child is developing and he needs quality sleep. When dealing with a teen driver, the danger is even greater because he will most likely use the phone while behind the wheel and this will jeopardize both his health and safety, not to mention about pedestrians or other drivers.

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