Starting A Business in Norway Isn’t Too Complicated

Owing to its vast natural resources, stable inflation, and relatively low levels of unemployment, Norway is one of the best countries on the globe to do business. Registering a company is a matter of days and meeting compliance requirements is much easier as compared to other European countries. The regulatory setup is transparent, not to mention that you can do everything online. If you’re looking forward to expanding your business overseas, you’ve come to the right place. The following information will help you get started.

Create A Business Plan That Covers What You Want to Achieve

A well-written business plan helps you focus on the necessary steps to make your business succeed. It helps you set clear goals and guidelines for how to manage your business. Don’t waste any more time and draw up a business plan that describes your idea, prospective customers, market plans, competitor information, financial position and budget. Have a business plan before you etablere bedrift. The plan needs to be dynamic and updated on a regular basis to remain relevant for the company. It might require updating to show a change in physical location, add a new business partner, and so on.

Decide On a Business Entity

You have several options on how to get organized. For instance, it’s possible to etablere enkeltpersonforetak. You have to register your company, get a handle on your contracts, pay tax, file your tax returns, and so forth. It’s recommended to make financial arrangements before starting the business to make sure your family doesn’t lose everything in case something goes wrong. You can run a sole proprietorship while being employed in another country, but you have to talk to your employer first.

Equally, you can start a limited liability company. The minimum share capital is NOK 30,000. The supreme authority is the general assembly. The board must have at least five members. You have to register the business no late than three months following the signing of the memorandum of incorporation. Annual accounts for the company must be prepared and audited. What is more, they have to be approved by the ordinary general meeting before the end of the business year.

Register Your Business Online to Obtain an Enterprise Number

Etablere firma has to be done via the Brønnøysund Register Center. The required documents have to be filled out in Norwegian. If you want to get started with your entrepreneurial dream, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Find a company that specializes in establishing Norwegian company forms. It will prepare the necessary documents and forms, so you don’t have to lift a finger. All enterprises in Norway that carry out commercial activities need a business number, besides the organization number. If you plan to carry out business activities in several locations, you should register the different businesses/branches.

Make Sure You Have a Norwegian Company Address

Finally, yet importantly, make sure you have a Norwegian company address. To open a business, you don’t have to be a resident yourself, but you must have an address in Norway with a postal address, post number, and city.

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