Starting secondary school: ensuring a smooth transition for your child

Entering the secondary school system represents a big step associated with excitement and fear that transforms constant routine into constant change. Instead of spending time with just one teacher in the same classroom, which creates a feeling of comfort, kids have a different teacher for each subject. Thus, during just one day at school, they encounter seven or eight teachers, each of them with unique attitudes and expectations, not to mention that constantly moving between classrooms is quite normal at this point. A new child without no friends can easily get lost, especially during the first weeks.

Parents have to be aware of the newness faced by their kids when starting secondary school and help them adjust. Providing support and useful pieces of advice represents the most effective way of ensuring a smooth transition from primary school to secondary school. In fact, parents experience the haste even before their kid walks for the first time on the building’s hallways because they are the ones who must explore Hillington secondary schools and choose the most appropriate one.


Understand your child’ worries and come up with solutions together

Talking things through represents the best approach that a parent can have because not only it shows the child that his worries matter, but it also encourages him to express his feelings. Tackling even the most insignificant concern and finding solutions together will reassure the little one that being afraid is more than understandable and other kids of the same age including their friends are going through the same school transition. Adopting a positive mindset regarding this whole situation is very beneficial because it lets you see the hidden opportunities that secondary school presents. Most importantly, entering a new stage of life means that you are growing as an individual, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Once the child learns the route to school, builds friendships with fellow pupils and engages in challenging activities, West London Secondary School will become his second home. As a parent, encouraging your kid’s independence by asking them to pack their own lunch, make healthy snack choices and save pocket money is crucial.

Encourage your kid to step outside his comfort zone

Even though you are the adult in the house, you might not be able to handle all the tasks when needed for various reasons, whether we are talking about working overtime or getting sick. In those times, you can guide your kid but not help him physically meaning that he must be able to prepare his uniform, eat properly and know the route to school. In fact, you should encourage your little one to make his own schedule and set his priorities straight. Homework and extra-curricular activities represents two of those priorities. The main idea is to allow your child to discover his passions and hobbies, socialize and take advantage of the superior education they benefit from at the new school. Engaging in activities and making friends boosts confidence and self-esteem, not to mention that it nourished team spirit.

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