Stress and drug temptation – what can you do?

So you have been under a lot of stress and pressure lately, and you have found yourself taking recreational drugs to obtain a few moments of relaxation. Despite the illusion that comes with drug consumption, which tells you that this might be what you need, you are probably well aware of the risks you are exposing yourself to. Until things become more serious and you start experiencing constant drugs craving, finding other solutions is recommended. Here’s how you can tackle your stress problem without resorting to the abuse of illegal substances:

Take a break – attend the program of a retreat

Start by taking a break from everything. Whether it’s your job, your family or something else that causes you most daily concerns and stress, it’s imperative to withdraw yourself from any scenario that is linked to your constant anxiety and give yourself a break. The best way to do that, and to also stay away from recreational drugs, which might have started being on your mind more often than you expected, is by attending a retreat program. The Holistic Sanctuary recommends holistic treatments for people with increased stress and a soft spot for drug use.

See a therapist

Perhaps there are certain things that might be holding you back from living a fulfilling and happy life, things you might not know you are carrying inside of you. When you are dealing with anxiety and stress, you should consider the possibility of going to therapy until the issues aggravate themselves even further. A therapist might be able to provide you with a bit of clearance, and help you build healthier stress coping mechanism. In some situation, you might not even be able to link the experience anxiety to a certain issue, so that’s when you need to learn more about yourself, and psychotherapy will do wonders in this department.


From being able to say no when you are pressured into doing something, either professionally or socially, to prioritizing your sleeping schedule, workout routine and eating habits, self-care is essential if you want to reduce stress and live a more balanced life. Start analyzing your lifestyle and see where you aren’t exactly pursuing the most beneficial things. Perhaps you aren’t pampering yourself enough (going to a spa, engaging in a fun hobby, spending time with your friends), or you have overlooked the importance of exercise in your life, whatever you are doing right, it’s up to you to obtain an improvement, and when self-care is optimized, stress will no longer be a problem. After healing at holistic treatment centers, it becomes your responsibility to take further action on the matter.

Drugs may seem like a momentary solution to increased stress levels, and why they do provide you with the relief you need during a time of crisis, the damage they cause cannot be neglected. When finding yourself tempted to rely on drugs for escaping your daily problems, seeking alternative to prevent yourself from becoming an addict is a must. These are the guidelines that will help you on the mater, allowing you to gain the desired stress-relief outcomes without damaging your mind and body through illegal substances use.

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