The most common IPL hair removal mistakes

If you’re tired of wasting money on razors, wax and epilators and want to reduce the number of hours you spend on getting rid of unwanted hair, then IPL hair removal is definitely an option that you should consider. However, there are some myths surrounding it and many women end up disappointed, either because they didn’t understand the purpose of the procedure to begin with, or because they altered the efficiency of their sessions by making rookie mistakes.

Choosing an unprofessional salon

It all starts with choosing the best salon in your area. There might be quite a few to choose from, but refrain from picking the cheapest option. IPL only works when done with state of the art equipment and by a certified professional, so don’t cut corners, because you might end up harming your skin or paying a lot of money for nothing. Book a consultation at a reputable Brisbane cosmetic clinic, establish your hair type and needs and only proceed to the hair removal sessions if the beauticians are professionals. IPL hair removal is a long term investment, so be prepared to pay a certain cost if you want the best results. In fact, you are better off using a razor than choosing a low quality IPL removal clinic.

Thinking it works on all hair types

Sadly, IPL hair removal is not a one-type-fits all solution. The best results are obtained on people with dark, thick hair. If your hair is blonde or bleached, then lasers do not have the same effect and will barely notice a difference and the same goes for ginger hair. To avoid disappointments, go to a consultation before starting the sessions to find out if IPL really is the best option for you or you need something else.

Expecting to be hair-free at the end of the sessions

One common misconception about IPL hair removal is that once you are through with it, you will be left with smooth, hairless skin for the rest of your life. Reality is different: IPL helps to reduce hair growth to a minimum, not eliminate it completely. You will still have some hair, but only a little, and it will be less visible and easier to remove.

Hair removal between sessions

IPL hair removal is done in carefully established sessions, based on your hair growth cycle. Sometimes, the time between sessions is long enough for some hair to grow back, but you should refrain from removing it yourself. On the one hand, this will completely throw your sessions schedule off track and, on the other hand, you risk lowering their efficiency. Also, try not to skip any sessions, because it will be more difficult for the cosmetician to recalculate your hair growth cycle.

Tanning before the process is completed

There is a good reason why IPL is recommended during the colder seasons: if your skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays soon after the IPl procedure, it can be damaged. Avoid both natural and artificial tan and postpone your next pool party until after you’ve finished all sessions.

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