The perfect place to propose to your girlfriend


Sometimes the way you pop the question, and the place you choose for asking your girlfriend the big question may influence her answer. If you are a romantic couple you may want to choose a restaurant, and if you want to impress her choose one restaurant that has a rooftop. You can ask the restaurant manager to place a table up there and to have served her favourite dishes. Also, you may have in mind a restaurant that has personal significance for you as a couple, and ask a waiter to place the ring inside the glass of wine. When she finds it drop on one knee, tell her why you love her so much, and why she is perfect to be your wife. If you bought a diamond ring and the budget does not allow you to dine in an expensive restaurant where you will find listed the best discounts in the county. This option allows you to study all the good offers not only in your town, but also in the other towns from the county. You have to decide what discount better suits your budget, and if you like one from the town close to yours, go for it. Taking her in a romantic weekend and planning a dinner in a new restaurant may surprise her in a pleasant way. You can go to the restaurant a week before the big moment, and talk with the restaurant band to sing your favourite song while you are dinning or to incorporate her name in the lyrics of one song.


Getting restaurant coupons for bigger discounts

If these discounts are not helping you plan the perfect moment for proposing to your future bride, you may want to know that you can get extra discounts with the Orange County restaurant coupons. Coupons are usually used as a part of sales promotions and are issued by  retailers or manufacturers. They are distributed through magazines, mail, newspapers, the Internet or directly from the retailer. When you are planning a romantic weekend for proposing to your girlfriend, you may use coupons for your breakfasts or for other meals of the day. You can get something special for your early meals at a low price or purchase one regular menu breakfast, lunch or dinner and receive the next entrée for free.


Surprising places for proposing

You can choose as an alternative to the restaurant proposal a more surprising place, for example you can go in on relaxing date at the aquarium and ask the divers to place a proposal card in the fish tank. Do not forget to write her name on the card and go on one knee when you arrive at the designed place. Or if you like to walk on the beach, hire a skywriter to spell out a lovely message for you and the proposal after it. No matter what option you choose, just focus on something that represents you two as a couple.

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