The world’s first Burger-making Robot

It’s known that the top burger chains can rack up more than $50 billion annual sales. In fact, in America, the top burger chains have racked up to $75.5 billion. This is why it was inevitable that Flippy would have been created. It’s able to move as fast as a ninja and it’s much more reliable than a human.

It’s known that from 2007 to 2017, restaurant jobs at fast food restaurants have increased by 40% to 4.9 million. It has been reported that it has grown much faster than the healthcare, construction, and manufacturing.

The creator of this robot is a cook itself but he frequently quit his many cooking jobs because it was too hot in the kitchen. It’s an automated burger flipper that doesn’t require a break time and it can work side by side with the humans. Its sole purpose is to flip burgers and it doesn’t interfere with the rest of the work or workers. More doing, less talking.

In fact, the robot is so smart that there isn’t a need for someone to come clean after him. The robot can clean the grill, the spatula and comply to the health and safety standards. It’s much better than a human as we all know some may fall short of the set standards.

In the Beginning

In the beginning, the company has been overwhelmed by the demands. This is because a lot of burger companies wanted this $60,000 smart robot. Even David Zito, the CEO of Miso Robotic has suggested they got a little ahead of themselves. They didn’t have the necessary time to train the robot and the people how to work alongside Flippy. It was highlighted that before was finding it difficult where to place the finish burgers and most of the times, he would miss the tray. However, Zito now argues that the robot can now “see” better.

His skills have refined to the latest cameras and 3D technology. It’s sensors and thermal imaging will keep an eye on the grill and it will take off the burgers when the right time comes, without fail. Its accuracy is simply phenomenal.

Nonetheless, this didn’t stop the Caliburger restaurant in Pasadena, California. At the beginning of the year, Flippy happily began his job and is serving well-cooked burgers ever since. For seven days a week up to three hours. When the USA Today has visited the restaurant, they have highlighted that the line was much shorter than the previous times. This happened because of Flippy’s great work and speed.

The sales have gone up because the robot was the main attraction that brought more customers to the store than ever before. Numerous people were ordering because they wanted a burger made by Flippy. Whilst the robot was working, the sales were going up. People were fascinated by the fact that all of this was happening right in front of their eyes.

Limitations Of Flippy

However, one must note that you need to remember that if you want your burger personalized, you need to come at a time when Flippy is not working. This is because it cooks the burger in the order that it has been set. Added cheese and onions. That’s it. Thus, if you want a patty that is rare cooked or saltier, you shouldn’t come to Flippy.

As well as, the robot cannot work without the help of a human. Someone needs to lay out the raw patties on the grill. Furthermore, the robot only functions for 10.5 hours, the rest of the shift will have to be completed by a human.

This is a problem other robots face. They are designed with specific features and specifications. If you want something done different one time, they aren’t capable to suit your specific needs. You will find that when you look for robots to help you with your daily work, you will have to let go of some ideas. For example, if a robot window cleaner has all of the features you want in such product but it cannot wash corners, it’s better to purchase it and let one feature go.

Nonetheless, some robots have been created to fit very specific needs that everyone can benefit from. For example, robot lawnmowers models have blades that ensure the thin cut grass acts as food for the soil. Thus, you will be left with healthier and thicker looking grass. In addition to this, you will find that robot vacuums are made on different floors. This includes tiles and marble. Hence, more people’s needs are served.

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