Things everyone should reflect upon before getting a loft conversion


Getting the extra room that you have always wanted is not so difficult.  You don’t even have to make modifications to the footprint. All you have to do is convert the loft, that is, the empty space in your home, into a functional room. If you are genuinely interested in going ahead with this kind of project, then there are some things you need to reflect upon. These are the most important aspects to consider before putting your plan into action.

Your home will be more appealing to buyers

Chances are that you’re not undertaking a renovation project because you want to sell the house. On the contrary, you plan to spend many years in that home, which is the reason why you need the extra space. At some point or another, you may want to sell. Maybe you need to move closer to your kids or you’ll get tired of the neighbourhood. No matter the reason, you will have to sell your home and make sure that you get a good price for it. Adding a loft conversion to your home will certainly boost your home’s value on the market. Don’t do thing on your own. Hire experts in loft conversion Walthamstow. You do want the project to be successful, don’t you?

Can your home handle the loft conversion?

The most important thing you have to think about is whether your property is able to go through a loft conversion project. The thing that most homeowners don’t realise is that this kind of transformation means adding weight to the house, weight that it mayn’t be able to handle if it isn’t in tip top shape. Another thing to think about is the height of the ceiling. Should the distance between the floor and the ceiling should not be 2,2 metres at the highest point, then it’s necessary to alter the roof or lower the floor, both options being expensive.

It’s necessary to meet building regulations

You can’t just have the loft transformed into a liveable space. Because a loft conversion is a serious undertaking, it’s necessary to meet building regulations. To be more precise, you have to get approval before you set out to do work. While you don’t need planning permission, you’re required to respect building regulations. The rules refer to important aspects, like the strength of the floor or the degree of insulation.

Talk to the mortgage lender and insurer

Did you know that altering the empty attic space could result in a higher insurance premium? If you did, you probably wouldn’t have rushed into things. Yes, the fact is that making changes to your home can invalidate the current insurance policy. Many say that it’s a good idea not to tell the insurer at all. It’s not advisable to do that. Have an honest conversation with the insurance company and see what there can be done. Don’t forget about the mortgage lender.

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